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Bigelow organic green tea review

by Jeremy

After trying many other brands of green tea, and not enjoying their quality and taste I decided to try Bigelow’s 100% Organic tea. Usually, I use loose leaf tea, however when I am in a rush in the mornings I like to use tea bags as they are much quicker to make. When I first made a cup of tea using Bigelow’s green tea brand, I was very surprised about the quality. The tea has a light, fresh smell similar
to organic loose leaf green tea. Also, the taste was light and very refreshing.

The amount of antioxidants in Bigelow’s green tea is very high. After doing some research, I found that the level of antioxidants in Bigelow’s green tea is just as much as loose leaf green tea. This makes drinking Bigelows green tea even better as it has a good taste, and is very healthy.

Another great perk to Bigelows Green tea is its relatively low cost which I can usually buy for around $3.00 depending on the size of the package. Some of the other teas that I have purchased usually cost a few dollars more than Bigelows.

Bigelows also sells many different flavors of green tea such as lemon, however I find the plain organic tea to be the best as you can flavor it anyway you want. I love to have Bigelows green tea with a teaspoon of honey. It makes the day much better and.

    • relieves stress.

      Another thing that I like about Bigelows is that they do not use any pesticides or chemicals on their tea leaves, and they use a organic tea bag so it does not leech chemicals into your tea. A lot of the other top tea brands have tea bags which are sprayed with chemicals. Although they claim that the chemicals are not harmful and that they do not leech into the tea, I do not feel very comfortable drinking anything that possibly contains chemicals.

      Overall, Bigelows 100% Organic Green Tea is one of my favorite brands of tea. It has a nice refreshing taste and if you add honey then it becomes even better. The price, quality, and taste of Bigelows green tea makes it the perfect brand to buy when it comes to choosing what brand of green tea you want to purchase.

      I recommend Bigelow’s green tea to anyone that loves to drink refreshing quality tea!