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Насилие (1959 )

In Chicago in 1924, Artie Strauss and Judd Steiner are friends and fellow law students who come from wealthy backgrounds. They have few true friends as they believe all their contemporaries to be intellectually inferior. Although Judd acts arrogantly towards others his inherent weakness is understood and exploited by Artie and indeed Judd appears to relish his submissiveness to Artie. Part of their goal in life, influenced perhaps by their admiration for Nietzsche, is to experience how it feels to do anything one pleases. They thus plot to commit what they consider the perfect crime - a kidnapping and murder - not only in order to experience killing for killing's sake, but also - especially in Artie's case - to taunt the authorities after the fact. They believe themselves above the law. The actual killing of little Paulie Kessler, and the subsequent attempts to cover their tracks, are not so perfect however. Sid Brooks, a fellow student (who also works for the Globe newspaper) whom. Written by Huggo, edited with some additional material by Chrid

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DIANE VARSI in her greatest role since "Peyton Place"! See more »

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When the murdered boy is in the morgue, his Uncle recognizes him instantly, and the coroner doesn't mention to the young journalist (who found the glasses) that the kid had acid burned all over his face so he couldn't be identified. In the real life case, his face was burned and, most important, at the very end of the movie, Orson Welles as the defending attorney mentions that the murdered boy's face was burned with acid. See more »

[ first lines ]
Judd Steiner. To the perfect crime!
Arthur Straus. Crime. Oh, my wealthy fraternity brothers. 67 dollars, and a second-hand typewriter.
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Mostly involving film with sensational performances by main characters and supporting cast

The film deal with two young men (Bradford Dillman. Dean Stockwell) who murder a pal. They are law students and followers to Nietsche theories. They are investigated by an astute prosecutor (E.G.Marshall). He's growing suspicion but there isn't one perfect crime. As the relentless justice to be executed and they go on trial for killing. A famous lawyer (Orson Welles) will defend them on the accusation of murderers and under death penalty. A young girl (Diane Varsi) will testify for them .

This highly interesting film is inspired on real events about Nathan Leopold-Richard Lob killing case in Chicago of the 1920s. Although the story was obviously a thinly-disguised recreation of the known murder case. the legal department of 20th Century Fox was still concerned about a possible lawsuit from the still-living Leopold. In fact. a great effort was made not to mention Leopold or Loeb in the film. press releases. and interviews. The film contains suspense. drama. tension. illicit love with intertwining triangles. emotion. courtroom trial and complex intrigue maintained throughout. Besides. superb performances by main roles (Dillman. Stockell. Varsi, Welles) and supporting casting (Martin Milner. Robert F. Simon. Gavin McLeod. among others). Special mention for Orson Welles who displays a terrific acting and explaining a significant speech into criminal court. The movie is visually magnificent with an excellent black and white cinematography by William C. Mellor. Evocative and adjusted music by Lionel Newman. The motion picture was wonderfully directed by Richard Fleischer.

This is the second of four film adaptations of the Leopold-Loeb murder case. other versions about same events are the famous ¨The rope¨ (1948) by Hithcock with John Dall (in the character of Bradford Dillman )and Farley Granger (in the role of Dean Stockwell), ¨Swoon¨ and recently ¨Murder by numbers¨ by Barbet Schroeder with Michael Pitt and Ryan Gosling. Indispensable and fundamental seeing for court genre enthusiasts and Orson Welles fans. It's one of Richard Fleisher's best. Rating. Above average .

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