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2014 ( FR-BE ) · French · Drama · G · 93 minutes of full movie HD video (uncut).

MOVIE SYNOPSIS - What's the story of this film?

Dommages collatéraux, full movie - Full movie 2014. You can watch Dommages collatéraux online on video-on-demand services (Netflix, HBO Now), pay-TV or movie theatres with original audio in French. This movie has been premiered in Australian HD theatres in 2014 (Movies 2014 ). The DVD (HD) and Blu-Ray (Full HD) edition of full movie was sold some time after its official release in theatres of Sydney.

CAST Dommages collatéraux (2014)
  • Victor Lanoux Filmography
  • Vanessa Larré Filmography
  • Catherine Aymerie Filmography
  • Geneviève Casile Filmography
  • Nicolas Silberg Filmography
  • Gauthier Battoue Filmography
  • Michel Cassagne Filmography
  • Olivier Meurville Filmography
  • Isalinde Giovangigli Filmography
  • Didier Landucci Filmography
  • Matthieu Albertini Filmography
  • Jean-François Regazzi Filmography
  • Maxime Flourac Filmography
  • Richard Zanca Filmography
  • Only movie characters. Not includes secondary actors.

Very good, managed to tell a good story and keep the audience in his chair.