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Choosing between the stability of a traditional career and the upside of entrepreneurship? Why not have both? Becoming a full-time entrepreneur can look glamorous from the outside. Who doesn't want to chase their dreams, be their own boss, and do what they love? But the truth is that entrepreneurship is often a slog, with no regular hours, no job security, and very little pay. What if there was a way to have the stability of a day job with the excitement of a startup? All of the benefits of entrepreneurship with none of the pitfalls? In The 10% Entrepreneur , Patrick McGinnis shows you how, by investing just 10% of your time and resources, you can become an entrepreneur without losing a steady paycheck. McGinnis details a step-by-step plan that takes you from identifying your first entrepreneurial project to figuring out the smartest way to commit resources to it. He shows you how to select and engage in projects that will provide you with upside outside the office while making your better at your day job. He also profiles real-world 10% Entrepreneurs such as... ·Luke Holden, a cash-strapped recent college graduate, who started his own lobster-roll empire and oversaw much of its first year of operations, all while working full time in corporate America · Dipali Patwa, a designer and mom whose side project designing and selling infant clothing is now a sensation. ·A group of friends who met at a 6am Bible study class and went on to start a brewery that now generates millions in sales A successful 10% Entrepreneur himself, McGinnis explains the multiple paths you can follow to invest your cash, time, and expertise in a start-up--including as a founder, angel, adviser, or aficionado. Most importantly, you don't have to have millions in disposable income to become a 10% Entrepreneur. When you put McGinnis's 10% principles into action, you'll quickly start racking up small wins, then watch as they snowball into your new (and far more entrepreneurial) life., Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition; Patrick McGinnis shows how to integrate entrepreneurship into your career and your life on your own terms. Conventional thinking says that entrepreneurship is all about excitement and big bets, while traditional career paths are all about stability. They are presented as two distinct paths--you take one or you take the other. But now that technology makes it cheaper and easier than ever to start and manage a business, that trade-off no longer applies. You can now manage, advise, or invest in businesses by using your smarts, your network, and your smartphone, and you don't need to quit your day job to do it. Venture capitalist Patrick McGinnis offers a pragmatic new approach to entrepreneurship. Although many traditional career paths cannot offer the autonomy and potential rewards of entrepreneurship, full-time entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Rather than watching full-time entrepreneurs from the sidelines, you can join them by integrating entrepreneurship into your life without leaving your day job. By dedicating at least 10% of your time and, if possible, 10% of your capital to invest, advise, and start new businesses, you will forge a path to greater autonomy and personal satisfaction. McGinnis shows how to use entrepreneurship to build a portfolio of investments, activities, and relationships that lessen your reliance on your day job to build something for yourself. McGinnis profiles "10% Entrepreneurs" from a wide variety of backgrounds and offers advice including: Play to your Strengths: Focus on ventures that sit at the intersection of the things you enjoy and the things you do well. This strategy will allow you to tap into your interests, passions, and skills while using your time and your energy most efficiently. Spread the Wealth: When you embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, you quickly learn that your power comes from your expertise, but it also comes from your network. Knowing whom to call saves you time and allows you to work with people you respect and trust. Never Compromise Your Day Job: Your 10% provides you with myriad benefits, but it doesn't pay your salary, so always put your day job first. By bringing the new skills you learn in your 10% back to the rest of your career, you can also become more successful at the office."

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