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This book critically examines Pierre Bourdieu's theory of the state, outlining its arguments and assessing its theoretical and empirical value. Pierre Bourdieu is known as one of the foremost and most frequently cited sociologists in the Western world. The author situates Bourdieu's theory in the context of other writers of the state and assesses its limitations as well as applications for the future.

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Thomas R. Flynn provides the first book-length account of Sartre as a philosopher of the imaginary, mapping the intellectual development of his ideas throughout his life, and building a narrative that is not only philosophical but also attentive to the political and literary dimensions of his work.Now, in the latter half of the decade, the nation is in the midst of the largest multi-year discharge of prisoners in its history.In the first chapter, he examines first principles of formal logic, and then moves on to Aristotelian syllogism, hypotheticals, and the properties of elective functions.