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Ebook Supporting Parents: Foster Children : Where They Go and How They Get On by Ian Sinclair FB2


A key question in foster care is what happens to cared-for children in the longer term: foster care needs to be evaluated not on its own, but as part of a child's 'career' or lifepath. Drawing on the findings of the largest recent study into foster care in the UK, and including quotes from children themselves, this book examines the impact on children three years after they have left foster care. The authors ask what influences outcomes of foster placements, what constitutes a good outcome, and what conditions are needed to ensure placement success. They include information on: factors influencing how children are placed; differences in the impact of long- and short-term placements; the extent to which placements can provide a 'permanent home'; support to birth families to enable children to return home when they want to; how children experience foster care and where they want to be in the future. and How They Get On is an unique resource for policy makers and practitioners, as well as local authorities working to formulate policies that will provide the support and training to ensure the future well-being of cared for children., What happens to looked-after children in the longer term? This book analyzes the outcomes of a large-scale study of foster children in the UK. It includes individual case studies and draws extensively on the views of foster children themselves. The authors examine: why children remain fostered or move to different settings (adoption, residential care, their own families or independent living), how the children fare in these different settings and why, what the children feel about what happens to them. Other important issues covered include the support given to birth families to enable children to return home, the experience of adopters, the ways in which foster care can become more permanent and the experiences of young people in independent living. In bringing together these results the book provides a wealth of findings, many of them new and challenging. It offers positive and practical recommendations and will be an enduring resource for practitioners, academics, policy makers, trainers, managers and all those concerned with the well-being of looked-after children.

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