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Five Fingers - Korean Drama

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Rika Oct 30 2016 5:21 am i dont really like a drama for more than 20 episodes but after watching it patiencely within 1 weeks, oh god what a really makjang drama..i cry a lot and i pulled my hair a lot for that villains never get caught for what their wrongdoings. and really ji ho forgiving his mother for what she has done to him. maybe in this drama only..well overall it was the best drama ever, i recommend it for fans who love melodrama/makjang..surely you need more tissue to wiped out your tears after watching this drama.

Rika Oct 28 2016 1:10 pm There are some problem in this drama; 1) the plot sometimes dragging about 2-3 EPS. 2) the drama should be about 22-25 EPS, not 30 EPS. 3) maybe this kind of story a little similar to LOVE, BREAD AND DREAMS drama, thats why ratings not so good.

Overall. the actor and actress did the good job especially Char Shi Ra effectively brings villain characters (I guess that's why she got the awards)and lastly I'll try finish watching it in 1 week..

anh Jun 12 2016 2:48 am This drama felt so long. It kind of dragged out and made me lose interest in between. However, the beginning, end, and some parts drew me in. This drama is the first drama that made my dad cry because of near the end. I got to know Chang Wook through this drama and became a fan of him. I just wish the drama shortened and didn't add unnecessary parts.

QuinKong Apr 05 2016 10:52 am I do not like dramas longer than 16 episodes because they tend to drag and annoy the life out of me but i'm not sure how i stayed glued to my seat and watched all 30 episodes. Oh i think i do, it's from the sheer awesomeness of the drama. At first you might get irritated at the main leads ability to forgive all but you will soon find yourself doing the korean traditional dance when the writers put things how they should be. I will forever recommend this drama as an absolute must watch.

Slightly disappointed with the ending as i believe the queen witch & her evil offspring got off lightly.

Ranee Feb 23 2016 1:19 pm The plot is good but too extreme cruel for a woman like Chae Young Rang. Of course, I knew it is just a drama only but the writer make Chae Young Rang over unrealistic.

I do not know whether she over-protected her son or herself? The writer made a lot of mistakes. What is a point for a greedy woman like her getting all the wealth by kept killing her own family and innocent people? Everyone knew her guilt and pointing fingers at her but yet, she still doesn't know how to stop? Her own son and step-mom don't support her, her step-son and ex-husband want to revenge her, yet she still want to conquer her husband's company, shares, funds, properties and wealth. Pitied of her characters, always living of guilt, unhappy and afraid since the day, she get married.

I feel the writer is an anti-mom, making Chang Young Rang one of the hatred mother in K-drama. I had watched many K-dramas whose respect the mother but not this drama. You will hate her as a mother or step-mother. She is so shameless evil, she should punish more heavy for what she had done?

Oi Ling Feb 09 2016 11:18 am Like the casts but the drama is too long that it puts you off following through. If story is 'condensed' and plot less complex, there would be less irrational sections. Ending is really disappointing

Clarisse Jan 09 2016 7:49 am I love Ji chang wook so much,and I am watching Princess Hours.geuraeso, i am shocked that Lee Shin and HEALER are brothers in this drama

Anonymous Sep 29 2015 7:22 am My very first Korean drama. I remember watching it when I was only 9 (I'm so young back then and I didn't understand such as revenges -_-) because my mom watched it. For me, this is one of the best drama I've ever watched (beside "Triangle" and "Dream High"). When I rewatched it once again, I was speechless. I never understood it back then but after I rewatched it, this drama is really amazing. The character's feelings really got me. I highly recommend you who didn't watch it to watch it. RIGHT NOW.

gina Jun 08 2015 1:15 pm liked drama a lot. resembled me May Queen - with really mean antagonists. Characters were quite smart, which is extremely good. and drama overall is on the high level. if current new dramas keep letting you down, watch it!

christina May 21 2015 7:58 am Like any typical drama, Five Fingers has its fare share of unrealistic and irrational moment. Once a viewer ride over those, the story is really good. Its love to the extreme, covetousness at its peek and evil in its utmost. And all these being handled by some of the most brilliant artists make this a truly must watch drama. Ju Ji-Hoon seriously emptied his all; I see anger & sadness & desperations all in one expression. Apart from Kim Su-Hyun, I've not seen one artist doing it so well. Chae Si-Ra, did so well that I can see the evil in her eyes and then that same eyes melted me; I forgave her even before Ji Ho. Cha Hwa-Yeon & Ji Chang-Wook carried their character super well. they did credit to the writer, allowing the viewers to see the many experiences that a person encountered that mould them, making them who they were. For once, I cannot blame anyone for anything.

Geotjimal Apr 30 2015 6:56 pm Why does everyone review it by saying how long they've been watching Kdramas? This is a page for FIVE FINGERS review not your kdrama background.

blackbunny Apr 30 2015 3:16 pm This is my first review after using this website for all the dramas i have watched so far (50+). For the first time i've had to leave a review of this drama.

At first i watched 3 episodes but wasn't getting into it, so i dropped it and watched something else. I picked it back up ago and really glad i did. I was drawn to the jealousy and revenge plot line which had several twists. Its a long 30 episodes BUT the ending is just ridiculous. I've never felt so lost with the ending as i did with this one. It needed something else to it. Totally rushed.

On the plus side, the actors/actresses were superb. Lots of crying scenes. overall rating 7/10.

Mia Apr 20 2015 1:04 am This is one of my favorite. Love Chae ShiRa. Made me cry and frustrated every episode. There should be more dramas like this.

hawa Apr 03 2015 5:04 am i have watched over 50 korean serries since i started last year,my friends say am wiered to watch things in a language i dont even understand.i have also grown to appreciate their music.i download every favourite so far is queen in-hyuns man and others.i like that they are descent enough to watch with family. oh,they are sooooooooo nice

heartskyn Mar 28 2015 7:30 pm I like the casting of this drama but in the story I'm bored I appreciate Jinseyeon is learning piano lesson because of this drama but in her role is not helping I'm curious to watched Five Fingers because of Jinseyeon and Ji Chang Wook for me they have a good chemistry than to the main leading man I'm not mad to Ju Ji hoon but he's not fit to seyeon I saw the BTS video of Five Fingers he is good to seyeon I appreciate that but I can't feel their team-up btw. Jinseyeon and Ji Chang Wook were good friends hope seyeon and changwook have a chance to reunite to complete their team-up.

Maria Mar 07 2015 8:45 pm My husband and I have been watching the Korean dramas and we absolutely love them. We feel that Koreans are the greatest actors. Keep up the wonderful work you all do. Continue to make them. We enjoy them so very much. You all really know how to show emotion. Also, we feel it as well. Your fantastic. God bless.

DreamHigh Mar 06 2015 1:33 pm I just finished this drama and I am little disappointed after finished watched it. I have reason for watched this drama because of Ji Chang Wook. I watched "Healer" and I am pretty much like JCW then I did search for his dramas and this one is one of them but JCW, he is not main actor and he acted a bad guy in the role. Sorry! this is what I have felt for this drama.

Belle Jun 25 2014 1:37 am I have watched around 21 series of Korean dramas since I started to love them in dec! They are very well done and really know how to get the right emotions out of people. Whenever I tell people I watch these they think I am so weird but it is really fun and I am glad I am not the only one :D. Please leave suggestions for shows and or movies. I feel like not knowing the language also makes it that much more enjoyable because it engages you a little more and before you know it you can understand little bits and pieces. One other reason I enjoy Korean Dramas so much is because they are not so full of lust like most American dramas. I am worried that I will run out of series to watch! Thank You for great entertainment!

martha posada Apr 13 2014 5:34 pm I love five fingers I hope there is a second part. Please let me know. I have enjoy on netflex the diferent serious that are available. City hunter, 100 inheritance there good serious. thank you

Susan Mar 28 2014 4:21 pm I ran across Korean TV on netflix, 5 fingers completes ALL of the Mini Series that netflix has for me. I found myself falling in love with ALL of the Korean TV they had to offer. most of the endings leave me at peace. I didn't care for the ending of 5 fingers, I ached for a more in-dept ending I think I have come to appreciate the way most of the series wrap things up, even those who you don't care for learn and grow and are forgiven and to a point such things did happen in this series. but the majority just wasn't finished. I like my happily ever after endings for at least the few main characters Yes real life rarely leave us with that whole happily ever after feeling but isn't that why we watch and dream about these characters. Iam not saying that were wasn't a change as Chae Young-Rang did change to the point where you needed to remind yourself of her deadly mistakes in life. to understand that she was also a victim. at anyrate Iam a total fan of Korean TV and can't hardly wait for more :)

toby carlson Mar 20 2014 1:16 pm I have watched about 10 Korean dramas, including two historical dramas. Almost all have been of exceedingly high quality, production, directing and acting. Five fingers is a gripping tale of family intrigue and almost unimaginable evil. We could hardly wait to see the next episode, although the continuous outrages perpetrated on poor Ji Ho began to wear us down emotionally. My main criticism of this drama is that, unlike some of the other ones we have watched, this one had little character development. Each character remained the same throughout the drama, with virtually no growth, behaving exactly as they would at the beginning of the drama as at the end. No one seemed to learn anything except for Ji Ho, who gradually learned what his mother was doing to him. But that is not what I mean by character development. In all the other contemporary dramas, no one was actually evil and most main characters evolved to where they finally learned something about themselves and about the others with whom they interacted and, in some ways, became better or wiser people at the end.

Jerry Oakley Feb 10 2014 6:40 am I love these Korean Dramas I am hooked on them now fantastic. But the writers on this one what a twist. I was totally on Ji Ho side throughout the movie until he dumped on the girl the way he did. That was totally uncalled for and made a complete jerk out of him. Then the end when his mother was going through all the hell she put herself into and maybe rightfully so deserved her punishment but that should have came from Heaven not a prick son who could not say once to her he loved her and forgave her and in her condition at the end he should have never left her to go to Germany that made him a complete slime-ball at the end of this fantastic production. Good show but if it had been in real life I would have kicked the living shit out of Ji Ho for the way he acted with the girl and his mom at the end what a jerk. But I Love these shows good work.

dadz Feb 05 2014 6:44 am . i kind of agree with christopher. originally, i criticized my classmates for watching those boring dramas (as i call it before ). i just hate it first, it's because i never tried watching it even once. but after watching CITY HUNTER, i'm kind of surprised. by then, i was into those dramas. every new soap, i never fail to watch it all. back to this drama. what? asianwiki viewers rated this drama only 75 percent? how cruel. this drama is good. it deserve to be rated 93.

pearl jagunap Jan 24 2014 1:50 am This Korean drama made me and my mother cry while watching it. It shows what can a mother done in able to save and show her love to her child and It make the viewers realized that the family is the most precious thing God had given us. Honestly I really don't expect the twist happened in each episodes of it. But I really love every character in the drama. I really salute the Korean dramas. love rain, coffee house when a man falls in love. are some of the Korean drama I spend sleepless just to watched it until its final episode. Keep up the good work. -)

CHRISTOPHER Jan 20 2014 7:18 am My name if Christopher Scott Bisceglia. I am eighteen years of age, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, but now living in the United States.

Normally I do not watch foreign films, especially if the language is in a different language, but this movie (as I call it) with multiple episodes had English subtitles. Not only that, this movie was in the best of picture quality, which made it that more tolerable to watch.

This movie did not take long before it went from tolerable to very outstanding. I still cannot believe the Koreans can put out such a high quality production. I have watched all the episodes of this movie and have watched all the episode of yet another very outstanding movie that literally made me cry and Im not suppose to cry. I am a male.

These two movies were so emotional and powerful, I feel that I have been "born again" when it comes to watching foreign films. I am in the process of spreading the word about Korean movies to as many social websites I can possible write letters on. I am also spreading the word about great Korean movies to as many large cities I possibly can. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and on and on and on.

Just consider me the unofficial ambassador from the United States. At one time, I considered the movie "The Ten Commandments" to be the one and only great movie out there. Not now though. This was definitely replaced by the two movies I have already mentioned. I intend to continue spreading the word about these ultra-great Korean movies. I thank you entire population and have already sent a letter to President Park, thanking her as well.

Heng Dec 21 2013 3:40 pm From my point view it was great from start ex: like Jiho meet DaMi again so cool this moment but I hate about ending why the hack not even show about DaMi meet Jiho again . I'm so disappionted ! But I think should have at least OVA about it ! If Japan animation won't end like this ;( or the writer want to make season 2 at least give some OVA XD

mitchie mutia Dec 16 2013 6:28 am Joo ji hoon did very great portrayal! Filipinos obviously having a uge population certainly love cute actors with geat skills. I hope korean television would acknowledge warmly the talents of joo ji hoon. Even if his shows there would result to a low rating, it will surely besuccessful and capture our attention since he does have millions of filipino fans. Air all his shows in the philippines and it ill surely hit each television. :)

Nayla Oct 31 2013 6:15 am I knew absolutely nothing about Korean TV dramas until a few weeks ago. this is only my second drama but I can say I am in love with this dramaturgy style. For me it is a new language and a challenge to understand why the characters have certain attitudes. I need to understand the social, moral and cultural Korean context because I come from a different culture and some things are hard to understand. I love Ji Hoon playing style. he moves very well both in comedy and drama. I would like people in Korea better separated what happens in actors private life from what what he does in professional life. Although I do not agree with Ji Hoon private conduct related drugs case I think this is a thing to be resolved apart from his professional performance. I think is totally unfair someone be penalized in his job or do not receive the deserved accolades for his brilliant performance because he made ​​a slip that will not actually ruin the life of anyone except to his own and his family. This is already enough punishment. The more I know Ji Hoon work the more I like him and I'm sure he's a great actor. I feel totally connected to everything he does.

0708julia_jj Aug 17 2013 5:28 pm @katerentz yes,this drama story looks like baker king kim takgu (there is revenge, betrayal, rival brothers, evil mom, evil dad, birth secrets), the difference is baker king is well script, solid performance, and more heartwarming especially when takgu smile or bromance between takgu and majun,and when I watch baker king,I felt I want to eat that Btw male lead in baker king is selected by audition, so they perfect for their roles,meanwhile in fivefingers I think eunjung suit for role Dami,since Jin se-yeon replace her, the writer changed dami's character. From the start of this drama,there's a lot of controvercy (JJH's scandal, change cast of female lead, plagiarism issue), and they're affect the rating.Well it's bad luck for jihoon,since it's his first debut drama after his scandal

0708julia_jj Aug 17 2013 5:12 pm @katerentz yes,this drama story looks like baker king kim takgu,the difference is baker king is well script, solid performance, and more heartwarming especially when takgu smile or bromance between takgu and majun,and when I watch baker king,I felt I want to eat that Btw male lead in baker king is selected by audition, so they perfect for their roles,meanwhile in fivefingers I think eunjung suit for role Dami,since Jin se-yeon replace her, the writer changed dami's character

herbmom Jul 12 2013 5:23 pm This was quite a drama! There is a reason the Bible says that only by pride comes contention. Pride was truly the root of all the difficulties. Your heart just ached for Ji-Ho, but also for the others, who suffered by their own decisions. The acting was excellent by all. I was glad that at the end, it was just the brothers. Sad that Ji-Ho and Da-Mi didn't end up together. The writers left it up in the air, but during the meeting at the airport, it seemed like they were both letting go and moving on. One can dream, though, right?

Someone asked about the piece at the beginning of the drama. It was also at the end. It is "La Campanella" by Franz Liszt.

Cing Vung Jun 22 2013 3:45 pm why did they replace Eung Jung b/c I stopped watching it since she wasn't in the drama anymore I really hate who ever make this happen

kimo Apr 21 2013 8:20 am Does anyone know the title of the piano song played by both men at the very beginning of episode 1? Thanks for any information related to this song?

J Dec 29 2012 4:22 pm This drama series is definitely one of the best! At least myself, I was very engaged throughout the series, hoping this and that would happen. roller-coaster of mixed emotions. Highly recommended series!

Young-Rang was such a disgusting and hateful character, I was waiting for justice to be served. Really good actress protrayal, can't hate her but hate her character.

asw Dec 17 2012 8:23 am one of the greatest korean drama i ever watch in the beginning i hate young rang very much. but now i feel sorry for her i cried in the last ep

by the way does any one know the sad music played in drama i didnt fined it with ost it also played in the scene when young rang die in the hospital

Maymay Dec 11 2012 9:41 am Ju Ji Hoon did a very good job in this drama, I really hope he can grab the best actor's award. His acting has not gone "rusty" but got better after army discharge. Fighting, I will root for you.

PinPin Dec 08 2012 12:11 pm This dramas is wonderful. It make me feel many emotions, doubt, hate, pity.

I thought rating was higher than that. I love this dramas very much!

Jenjen Nov 18 2012 6:37 pm I like this drama. It's really interesting, intense and dramatic. From my point of view, it started off good from the beginning to the middle of the drama. Then from the middle, that's where I felt that it was kind of lagging and dragging the drama. When it came to ep. 20-30, it grab my attention and made me really excited. I love everything about the drama except the main couple in this drama. I don't know. I felt their love wasn't that great to get the audience to fall I'm love with them. Yeah there were a cute and sweet couple, but it could've been better. This whole drama mainly focus on revenge and hate, so I guess that's why the director didn't really focus on love. However, I thought that this drama is really successful. The acting of the characters of Ji Ho, In Ha, and Young Rang was terrific. This drama deserves awards :D

FF FAN Nov 17 2012 7:41 pm This drama started out okay but now it's grabbed more of my attention. Chae Shi Ra is just fabulous!

givey Nov 13 2012 7:53 pm Why all the fuss about Eunjung until eps almost done, because to be honest I like t-ara Eunjung on but I do not like it when she's acting because it is very flat. so I can not imagine that she must act to da mi should always cheerful while Eunjung very flat face.

Lurker Nov 09 2012 7:22 am Jin Se Yeon's acting is MEH! so boring She is not able to balance other actors' and actresses' acting in FF. more ridiculous, she is JJH's leading female in FF. SBS could have chosen a better actress who can act for role as Dami. At least Eun Jung can act.

maw Nov 09 2012 2:06 am i really like this drama. it's so captivating i already watched all the airing episodes and i'm waiting for the 25 ep. the acting of joo ji hoon is amazing and powerfull. i think that the rating must be more credible and based on the story of the dramas and the acting of the cast and not on eunjeung'story. FF hope you get a best rating for the next episodes.

rami Nov 07 2012 8:31 am my goodness, this drama really made ​​me grimly. I'm sure this drama will win many awards.

I cried when I saw ji ho to get out of his house, as well as in ha knees to apologize. I felt like I'd seen the scene where jo ji hoon reject the affection of the woman he loves is in Mawang.

Is it finally would like Mawang, that ji hoon will be plotted to die at last because he was not able to stop again. please do not do it again. do not do it plzzzz director.

aznative Nov 07 2012 1:28 am Captivating. Seems to be a winning combination of cast, story, music. Looking forward to watching the entire series.

katerentz Oct 30 2012 3:18 am I don't know why but I feel like the plot is like Baker King Tak Goo, instead of bread they used the piano. But I still want to finish this drama. I feel for Ji Ho because I know that he really wants to belong in a family and yet, these people are the ones going behind his back. Ji Ho fighting! Also, I am glad that Eunjung was out. I never did like her acting in any of her past drama roles.

angel Oct 29 2012 1:47 am I wonder a lot of people who told me not going to watch this drama is because the issue of plagiarism or because FF replace Eunjung with JSY. But what if they really do not like the FF, they still have time to comment on a link that discusses the FF.

is there someone who can help explain the above? as for me, if I really do not like about something then I would not hear, see or discuss the issue.

so for FF haters why do not you spend your time on something useful for your life than your time runs out to berate others. please think carefully.

hyeonhana Oct 26 2012 4:46 am @kie- what do you mean plagarism? whta movie/drama dit it plagiarized? don't you think it would have been aired if it plagarized something.(be logical). and stop commenting as if you know anything. I love JJH in GOONG but I love him better in here. it has a low mark in this site since i think most of the voters are eum jung fans. honestly i don't prefer jin se yeon to play dami. they should've chosen prettier since she is just acting as an accessory. but still she is better, i can't imagine eum jung will play the

for most of us here, maybe thinks that it deserve a higher ratings.

Ellen Oct 24 2012 10:43 am Since the beginning I know they are going to make JJH's role to be dark like in the Devil/Mawang because FF Producer confessed only JJH who can do a role as a good and evil person in same time. Is it just me or anyone else have feelings this drama will have a sad ending? FF is a melo-dark drama and don't be surprising if they will give us a sad ending. but is it also possible if they will give us a happy ending since weekend dramas usually have a good ending. givey #188 "the low rating is not a big thing, such as Oscar-winning films that are not always popular films with stories that weigh even artists who are not so popular. that's what happened with the five fingers, it would be strange if the player and the writer and director did not receive an award in korea. " AGREE!

five fingers fighting! ^^V

amel Oct 24 2012 8:19 am can not wait for the next eps, I wondered if joo ji hoon will have a sad ending like at Mawang.

director sir, please do not do it anymore because I'm not sure I can see the end if it should be like the end of Mawang.

givey Oct 24 2012 8:14 am I think this drama will be more tedious to install ji ho as a victim, but I really do not think that ji ho who will take the role of the antagonist is to take revenge on the family. the low rating is not a big thing, such as Oscar-winning films that are not always popular films with stories that weigh even artists who are not so popular. that's what happened with the five fingers, it would be strange if the player and the writer and director did not receive an award in korea. excellent drama I've ever watched. bravo five fingers.

kie Oct 24 2012 7:27 am oh please. this plagiarism drama deserve to got low rating PLAGIARIST!!

hellohnin Oct 23 2012 10:17 pm Very glad for Ji Hoon that the audiences appreciate his acting. I was too way worry for his come back after long long time, and I wished for the drama was the hit. Coincidentally, Ham Eun Jun got problem, user rating was slow down and afraid these would affect our Ji Hoon. However, people don't slip out the talented person. Fighting Ji Hoon Ya!

Hmings Oct 23 2012 6:40 am I love this movie so very much. I enjoy watching it. love the actor Joo Ji Hoon. keep up the good work. do come to India. waiting for ya.

Hayden Oct 22 2012 8:28 pm Anyone know that song/orchestra piece title they usually play at the end of the episode when the preview for the next episode starts? That song is SOOO epic!

amel Oct 21 2012 1:23 am I've finished watching eps 19 despite not speak Korean, but was satisfied that already know the story. I hope the English subtitles soon. seems people have started to realize that this drama worth watching so the ratings went up.

keep fighting five fingers ^ _ ^

givey Oct 21 2012 1:16 am like mother like son everything so killer. can not wait for the resurrection ji hoo for revenge on his evil family.

Lee ing Oct 17 2012 4:40 am I wondered why the rating are so low . This drama is really amazing . I am up to episode 18 now and really can't wait to see the next episode . Joo Ji Hoon! Your acting is very good in this drama. I can feel the loneliness, the sadness, the unhappiness, The sorrow of Yoo Ji Hoo. Two thumb up for your good work. Keep it up Ji Hoon . I will watch this drama till the end.

Aza Aza fighting JJH xxo

Kdramalove Oct 13 2012 9:14 pm Omg im in LOVE with this drama Its amazing. Im in love with the characters, even the evil ones like jiho and inna's mom. Shes an incredible actress. Im so shocked that the ratings arent very high. It definitely deserves higher ratings! Im very excited for the next episode. Its going to be sooo intense! All the secrets are out!

jeon ji eun Oct 13 2012 9:10 am i think this drama should receive a much more higher ratings. we cannot blame the producers and directors of this drama if they kick ham eun jung out. because if she is casted, it will endanger the drama by hitting the lowest rating. and t ara fans are so obsessed with eun jung being involved in this drama that they forgot that joo ji hoon is the lead and most importantly this is his come back on small screen after a long long years. many JJH fans are anticipating this drama. i'm at 13th episode right now and i think the drama is really great and the casts are so amazing in portraying their role. the girl playing hong da mi is really doing a great job playing the piano w/ out a double. and JJH is really good in showing his emotion through his eyes. the antagonists are also great. they can make the viewers hate them soo much. that means they are effective in portraying their roles. hwaiting for this drama and daebak. i can see this drama as "you're beautiful" who didn't receive much love in korea but is popular overseas. rooting for this drama. hope to have a higher ratings for job well done.

fateme Oct 11 2012 9:36 am oh ! they broke eun jung's heart so they desserve that ratings :((( but i love joo ji hoon . but director :

Anita Tienda Oct 09 2012 9:25 pm I love this drama very much. The actors are very good espescially Jo Ji hoon. He can act very impressive by using his eyes only. You can read the emotion, the hurt, hapiness, and the longing for a mother and a family. He does not have todo hestyrical acting. Even without a dialogue you will know what he is portraying. The villain in this dramais also very good. You will hate her so much. All the stars of this drama are very good too. The story is very touching and suspensiful. I can not wait to watch the next Episodes. I feel very sad that this drama got a low rating wake up people try to watch and you will really enjoy.

mollenz Oct 09 2012 11:47 am I don't blame SBS because that's fact their job is make money. SBS don't fcking care about someone problem that could harm their project. As SBS officially said, these all happened because Eunjung's management that can't handle and solve that scandal properly until two day before she started filming, they just let it flow without give any confirmation regarding the scandal. besides, I'm also thankful Eunjung isn't in this drama anymore because I was sick with her fans who think this drama the one and only hers and cover the existence of Joo Ji Hoon in here. Yes now the rating is low but at least now they more safe to do this drama without haunted by that scandal or negative comments from netizens who still angry with T-ara.

sky Oct 09 2012 9:35 am Wow, really? I think the rating should be based on if it's a good drama, not whether someone got fired or not. Even if it's unfair for Eunjung, the actors are doing an impeccable job so at least give them some credit. FIGHTING FIVE FINGERS!!

namie Oct 08 2012 5:43 pm I won't watch this drama because the way directors fired Eunjung is too disgusting. No one deserve this (mostly if it's because of a scandal who start from an unproven story). I can't allow this kind of things, do they even have an ethic mind in this team ? I think it is too childish to complain Eunjung while we don't know what really happened (seriously, are we part of T-ara's team?). I don't mind if Jin Se Yong has a good play or not (because anyway, Eujung should have play better since she has got casted first). I am happy that some people have enough ethic mind to not watch this drama, I am happy that the ratings are considered low. Eunjung, win your lawsuit .

Didim Oct 05 2012 4:26 am awkward..there's still a picture of Eunjung here. Please change it, give Jin Se-Yeon credit for her hard work in this drama. fighting five fingers! :)

aussie Sep 30 2012 4:25 am I think I've been watching this drama because there are ji chang wook, it turns out I realized that I would enjoy seeing the faces joo ji hoon than ji chang wook. and I do not like joo ji hoon previous time he played in goong because I think he's like any other Korean actors prefer to be called beautiful rather than five fingers he turns macho look different when in goong. joo ji hoon you got me melt ^ - ^

shan Sep 29 2012 2:55 pm . FIVE FINGERS is awesome. looking forward till the end of this drama. keep it up guys:))

Gladys Sep 29 2012 10:47 am I wish people would get this into their head. This is JiHoon oppa's comeback drama, the comments are all filled up with EunJung's bullying matter. And now to make the matter worse, the rating are dropping. Although the rating are dropping, the story line is good and interesting. I am hating and loving the characters. Their acting are so wonderful that i can't even sit still. 2 episodes each week is simply not enough. I hope that JiHoon oppa's ban would be lift and he would be able to have more chances in other dramas. I hope that the mistakes that he have made would be forgiven by the directors and peoples. I love SiRae-unnie's acting. It made me chilled through the bones<3! Jihoon oppa fighting<3! Five Fingers fighting<3!

NL Sep 28 2012 12:44 pm This drama is great! I cannot wait what happens. The girl who plays Da Mi is great and so are the other characters the story in itself is just intriguing. Adding to my love of classical music and it is a great drama to see. I look forward to it being subbed every weekend! Everyone at Five Fingers fighting!

lia Sep 28 2012 11:30 am mother and son finally know how to sense the suffering experienced by ji ho. can not wait for ep 13.

Sarah Sep 27 2012 12:51 pm I'm Really happy that Eunjung doesn't play in this drama & I love Se-Youn and Chang Wook Fighting \(^o^)/

givey Sep 26 2012 1:46 am because I can not wait for the sub eng, I'm watching it though do not know what they are talking about. this drama really can make people do not sleep well for a week because it always feels anxious Saturday and Sunday to see the story continued. brilliant drama.

mei Sep 25 2012 12:11 pm ji hoon looks younger with his new haircut. miss you oppa. I hope everything that happens in your life is the best.forget your past and reach all the best to pay for the mistakes of the past. oppa fighting.

GermieCanada Sep 25 2012 8:16 am I so love this drama. I just started it now and I want to finish until the last subbed episode. My passion for watching Korean dramas started in 2007 when I bought a CD entitled "Lovers in Harvard". From that on, I never miss any beautiful dramas, in fact I almost viewed them already.

lea Sep 25 2012 1:20 am highly qualified drama series in terms of story and the players. chae si ra incredible plays the role of a wolf in sheep's clothing. joo ji hoon ji ho plays nice in ever suffered the misfortune in life, although not as good as in Mawang, but it was enough to cure homesickness fans. ji chang wook really explore the role of this highly annoying, if only I had a brother like in ha I'm going to beat him. JSY is also able to demonstrate the different roles of the bridal mask, she was able to keep a serious ji ho with cheerfulness. I hope they can be happy as a couple at the end of the ep.

Ghost Hee Sep 24 2012 7:31 am Seriously, I can't believe it! This drama is brilliant! Ever since the first episode, the drama has been so captivating. Even the child actors are extremely impressive. I can't fathom why the ratings of this drama is so ridiculously low and how people are saying that it's dull and boring. Although the drama is not exactly thrilling, it still kept me attracted to the storyline; eager to know what happen next.

london Sep 24 2012 2:39 am wow, I think this drama is boring because I do not particularly like the piano, the reason I watch because I missed the JJH. but I get a double benefit in addition to my desire to heal JJH bonus I also got an interesting story. ost is not boring as I thought before. can not wait to the next story.

Hibye Sep 22 2012 11:38 am Really nice drama,and the most admirable creepy,scariest and meanest villain of all latest dramas i've watched. The truth is i expected more of the acting of the 2 male leads,something misses from their roles and i am not yet totally thrilled.But i love the story,i want to know what happens next and i appreciate very much the beautiful music background on this drama. As for the ratings, i am aware that most of the dramas that have been well known outside Korea,generally are low rated in Korea.Some examples are ''you're beautiful'', ''love rain'',or the recent 'to the beautiful you'' that is NR in ratings.This does not have anything to do with scandals etc.I suppose this happens cause the outside Korea viewers belong to younger ages.

dzul Sep 22 2012 6:30 am they finally recognize each other and most importantly ji ho change his hairstyle. yay

Tia Sep 22 2012 6:18 am scene where ji ho feeding dami very romantic. previously I do not like JSY but after seeing her acting is cheerful and can bring a change of scene I was like. I guess though different ages away but they both look fit. cant wait to see the next ep, I think the story would be more interesting in the next eps.

Mia Sep 21 2012 8:42 am eventually changed his hairstyle, I think his hairdresser had repented for devastating hairstyles JJH. Although he looks like a boyband member but I prefer the style now than ever before. JJH fighting. luv you.

holland Sep 21 2012 8:33 am geez. JJH still makes me melt when I see him in a romantic scene with his ​​partner even though I'd rather see him paired with shin min ah. can not wait for the next ep ^ - ^

jojojojojjjojojo Sep 20 2012 12:02 pm i think low ratting is becaz of eunjung's leaving . i was really curious about eun jungs acting with joo ji hoon. but now im chill. i love jjh and wish the best for him .but about jin se yeon. i prefer eunjung better :)))) hope to see eunjung as a lead <3

dulguun Sep 19 2012 11:36 am i really don`t care this drama because there is not eunjung. if she was actiing this movie i would watch this movie i just wondering without eunjung drama`s rating. i feel so satisfied about rating cause it is too low ratiing congratulate.

Lea Sep 18 2012 6:46 am JJH after such a long wait finally get to see the handsome face again. never mind that your new drama ratings, the most important thing you can prove that you are a lot better than you were before. are honorable people who are able to fix past mistakes and not repeat them, and I'm sure you are such a person. keep fighting because there are many people waiting for another appearance.

shia Sep 18 2012 12:13 am Korean drama that can make everyone curious to watch. joo ji hoon still handsome as when in antique. just a suggestion for joo ji hoon hairdresser in order to change it into other pieces because the pieces are now highly compatible with JJH image.

al Sep 17 2012 8:37 pm This year's best korean drama. because really good quality in terms of players and the story.

TC Sep 16 2012 2:24 pm P.S. The part where I wrote (i.e. this happened. ) Don't you find it weird? Its the sames as when I watch this series. They say 'this happened' but didn't explain any further. Sometimes it gets frustrating trying to follow the storyline.

TC Sep 16 2012 2:20 pm Although I am a big JiHoon fan from when he acted in Goong with Yoon Eun Hye, this series is a bit disappointing. The only laudable acting comes from Chae Si Ra. The woman sends shivers down my spine for portraying the villain. As for JiHoon, his character seems bland. Very predictable as is with the other characters. The storyline although is good, it somewhat lacks an appealing factor. Maybe this is why there has been low ratings. Although I am a fan of Eunjung, but I don't think that her dismissal was that impactful on the series. Eventhough the storyline and acting is on par with most series during the same time slot, but for me, it lacked appeal. Audience members couldn't connect with the series. It just seems like a bunch of scenes put together to form a series. The series tries to focus on too many storyline at the same time as oppose to sticking to one main one and maybe a few scenes her and there of others. The storyline is in disconnect with the sequence too. To me, its like starting a sentence but not finishing it. (i.e. This happened - the storyline becomes too vague, to the point that I get lost sometimes) In comparison, May Queen and the other series have more of a focal point in their series. Given the choice of just watching one, I would watch May Queen, and maybe if I feel like it, catch up on some episodes of Five Fingers. It has only been 10 episodes but I am already starting to ditch the series. Hopefully, the following episodes can make up for the mess. I really want Jihoon's first series back to be a success but it seems like that hope is fading.

givey Sep 16 2012 9:07 am korean drama masterpiece in this year. Bravo five finger. you've got me.

Lin Sep 16 2012 8:07 am Why isn't Eunjung in this drama? They should of kept her in it. Now i'm VERY disappointed in this drama. And i couldn't wait to see her act as well. Stupid !!

doe doe Sep 16 2012 3:00 am I think low rating because the timing they fired eunjung. 1 day before 1st shooting is too sudden.

ruffa Sep 15 2012 3:27 pm why would i care about scandal, or ratings and stuff. i've been waiting a drama involving pianos, since Winter Sonata! it has also got things to make it more exciting, rival brothers, evil mom, evil dad, birth secrets, love triangle, mind games and so on. Last episodes are excellent!

amora Sep 15 2012 5:13 am before I did not know anything about the five fingers, but because of the controversy that developed I became curious about the drama. after watching it i so love the drama even though I do not know the players.

Stuffs Sep 15 2012 12:34 am This is exactly why they let "T-Ara" go (and who says she didn't agree?), because of what the fans right here are doing: Trashing them. I feel for "Five Fingers" as they have nothing to do with whatever is wrong with that group (fans forget so fast they tried it out until the FANS got involved) but they get caught in "child's squabbles" just the same BECAUSE of the fans who seem to find it their right to keep these things going way past their expiration dates.

Leave "Five Fingers" alone.

polar Sep 14 2012 11:40 am Hi moa, five fingers's low rating is not because of Eun jung. It is because of producer and director. They don't believe their quality. So they kick off Eun Jung. This is not Eun Jung fault.

love Sep 14 2012 11:35 am Five finger producer made wrong decision. That is why rating start decrease. Because if they think this character is match with Eun Jung, no need to change anything. Now they are not too strong and they don't have confident.

moa Sep 13 2012 8:48 pm I liked the previous Eunjung, but now I really do not like her, because ugliness affect other people's lives. Five Fingers are supposed to get a high rating for quality of the story and the players got a low rating because of the scandal Eunjung. from now on we boycott t-ara Eunjung well. viva five fingers. fighting.

lola Sep 13 2012 5:19 am I wonder why the quality drama like five finger gets a low rating in Korea but outside of this drama gets good appreciation in terms of both players and the core of the story.

justice Sep 13 2012 5:15 am joo ji hoon had ever made ​​a mistake in the past, but mistakes can be forgiven because it just hurt himself instead of someone else. error while Eunjung is bulliying cases that harm others and influence the lives of others. that is why the error Eunjung still need time to be forgiven.

p Sep 13 2012 12:49 am Joo Ji Hoon also did mistake but producer give him a chance but why Eun jung havn't get a chance.

Ame Sep 12 2012 6:08 am I've watched a lot of Korean dramas and only a few are qualified, because most only sell Korean drama love stories are flat and do not forget the physical selling of his players. Five Finger as I watch I immediately felt that the story in this drama have the high quality in terms of both story and players. especially chae si ra, she is very pretty and also has properties like the devil in this drama. for joo ji hoon in the drama Mawang last saw him, he's got charisma that can make most women could not sit still while watching the drama that starred. Five finger is one that must be watched drama currently on appeal some of the drama that was aired today.

Melati Sep 12 2012 12:05 am The rating does not really matter because the reason we see drama on tv not because of ratings, but more to the core of the story. honestly though the drama has a good rating but if we as the audience can not enjoy the heart of the story I think we are going to replace the event. I live in Indonesia where many Korean dramas played in many tv channels but I do not watch all that drama though many are talking to a variety of reasons either because the handsome actor or a good song. Because smart people just choose a quality spectacle and quality. and the story of the Five Finger higher quality compared to Korean dramas being aired right now. That is purely my opinion because to be honest I never know the players, but I enjoyed the story and their acting.

Maya Sep 11 2012 11:52 pm just finished watching episode 8 and can not wait to watch the next episode. I hope in the next episode will occur romantic scenes between jo ji ho and hong da mi, maybe kissing scene will be much better because of Joo Ji Hoon looks like a great kisser in the film The Kitchen. I really miss Joo Ji Hoon than anything. JJH fighting.

Moe Sep 11 2012 11:41 pm may all be better for all the crew from Five Finger, and I hope the low rating that does not affect their personal lives, especially for Joo Ji Hoon as this is the first project after returning to the world showbish. I hope the ban to joo ji hoon in the other tv stations immediately clear, because the truth of failure and low rating of Five Finger was not caused by the performance of Joo Ji Hoon or other players but more because of the scandal about Eunjung and also the immaturity of the Korean netizen. I hope that after completing this drama, Joo Ji Hoon to immediately play another drama and more selective in choosing who will play in the drama that no other actor ugliness negative impact on his image. Joo Ji Hoon. Fighting.

Phoenixv Sep 11 2012 10:19 pm Regardless of the success of this drama, I hope that the bans on Joo Ji-Hoon will be lifted, thus allowing him to flourish as an actor.

Who among us does not have adolescent indiscretions/mistakes that we wish we can go back in time to correct? One's 20's is meant for exploration and search for self-identity. Don't take away a man's livelihood just because of his youthful misjudgments. I use the term "man" in a literal sense. He is entering his 30's, and is hopefully becoming more matured in both his thinking and behavior. I wish the Korean TV's execs is able to read this comment and choose to exercise mercy out of empathy.

Joo Ji-Hoon, best of luck to you.

negar Sep 10 2012 2:25 pm I have not seen this movie although;as U mentioned it might be so bad without her:( I loved her in dreamhigh

adrienne Sep 10 2012 12:03 pm ratings arent important at all, gag concert have rating about %20, but who would watch something like that, that doesnt make gag concert better than five fingers or another weekend drama. I totaly loved this one, great melodrama, i've been missing something captured me that bad for a while. it is a shame Eunjung isnt playing but storyline win over me big time. i wish she will get another role and also this drama do well.

Moa Sep 10 2012 12:18 am Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon should back together again in new drama or movie. so there is no more low ratings.

Ica Sep 09 2012 11:55 pm Who cares about the ratings and scandal..this drama is great! Fighting five fingers, keep strong! Joo Jihoon, Ji CangWook, Jung EunWoo and Jin Seyeon = The Hotties and Cutie in Five Fingers <3

ZT16 Sep 09 2012 9:00 pm In truth, I do like the story line despite my preference of Eun Jung. And I do think the actors/actresses should receive praise for their hard work. What upsets me is that the director was given the chance to drop Eun Jung at a more proper time that may not have gave rise to so much conflict. Instead, they chose to drop her just days before her filming and had given her some hope. If they were professional, they would have seen the low ratings coming and not tried to play the nice guy by making it seem like they still supported her despite the current controversy.

Despite all the conflict though, fighting cast of Five Fingers and fighting Eun Jung.

sara Sep 09 2012 6:02 pm they deserve this low rating. because of this rating they play with my lovely Eun jung and break her heart such a coward director

Kalkidan Sep 09 2012 4:38 pm i dont care about the scandal, i wish something like that never happened, people should watch it without opions about scandal. i personally like Eunjung better, but when i gave it shot, i was amazed. storyline is intense, i just wanna watch more. all the characters make sense, i kinda support them all. all the actors are also wonderful, also the young has got everything i want. plus pianos. sometimes shows dont get the ratings they deserve, even they are pretty good, that is just bad luck. it isnt that important to me, but i wish ratings will rise, the cast and storyline deserves it.

fansfromindo Sep 09 2012 8:45 am wow. great drama even with unknown cast here. just curious why the rating going low every eps. i thought that its qualified series.

jurig jarian Sep 09 2012 8:38 am Good story line good actress good actors so the reason of bad ratting must be theres more interesting drama in other station. Sometime good is not enough. And one more thing. Why is eunjung picture still there? She is already out right?

bm_fan Sep 09 2012 6:38 am Haha..I just find it funny that the father and daughter tandem of Bridal Mask's Dam Sari and Boonyi is in this drama too.

Mey Sep 09 2012 6:05 am agree with RERE. awesome storyline. hope will get good ratings soon.

Wu Sep 09 2012 6:02 am welcome back JJH, glad to see you. good drama anyway, awesome storyline but bad ratings. but dont worry we all here will supporting you till the end. Fighting.

Rae Sep 09 2012 5:13 am fighting JJH. ratings of ur drama isn't important coz the important thing is we can c ur face again. welcome back oppa. love you fuuuuullllll ^-^

givey Sep 09 2012 5:07 am JJH you make me breathless with your smell. keep fighting my prince.

Dramoter Sep 09 2012 3:35 am At the same time, you can watch better Drama - May Queen. More interesting screenplay and much better cast (Han Ji-Hye and Kim Jae-Won). Five Fingers screenplay reminds so much 'Can You hear My Heart' so it's not original. I love other Drama with pianist - Spring Waltz (amazing drama)

Rere Sep 08 2012 11:24 pm Agree, this drama actually has potential storyline. But unfortunately, the damn scandal have been affecting this drama. To be honest, I don't get why the ratings are getting down because performance of the cast is great, the storyline is getting intense, the score is beautiful and it's kind of rare and unique piano can be a center of drama. I hope this drama will get high rating soon because in my opinion, this drama has good quality regardless the number of the ratings are.

June Sep 08 2012 7:12 pm It is great drama actually. i think main character should be In-ha, he has got more tragedy, and i think dad was worse than mom, true evil. i hope in the end they make In-ha happy, he deserve some happiness! it is obvious he wont get the girl and company but i think he has got another father, the mysterious one,it would be nice if he would look after for his son. i would like to see Eunjung, but i like the other actress too, it shouldnt affect the drama, i feel sorry, it is already being underrated, even ratings dropped. Storyline is damn good.

I really enjoy waching this drama. Figthing Five fingers, and Jin seyeon unni stay strong. <3 love you

EMLR Sep 08 2012 12:25 am Look, I know a lot of people are upset that SBS dropped Eunjung from it's cast list. To all the people out there who are saying that SBS broke a pure girl's heart: SHE HAD A PART IN THE BULLYING. I'm sorry to kill your romantic image of T-ara, but there was no one who did not take part in the bullying! That was her own fault and she should be glad that T-ara isn't being take out of the mainstream forever. Yes, I take bullying very seriously, since one of my friends committed suicide after a particularly bad bully staked her out as a meal.

Five Fingers is a great drama and its reputation shouldn't be tainted by a decision that SBS made. Fighting JJH, and welcome back! Fighting, Five Fingers!

Tho Sep 07 2012 10:26 pm I wished that Eunjung could have been in it. However, I understand why the company removed her. They had too much lives depending on it to risk it. I'm not like the others that only worry about Eunjung. I feel sorry for her as well as Hwayoung. But There are other people in this drama as well. I don't wish ill will on any of the other cast. I hope people watch to support the great cast & storyline. Don't take it out on the rest of the cast and all the people working behind the scenes.

SuperJ Sep 06 2012 11:11 pm Yay! JJH's back! I heard his acting's superb in this drama so I can't wait to watch it. Stupid Eunjung fanbase. I keep reading the same old comments about her being the victim. Those T-ara members should've been careful about the things they said and did to Hwayoung on camera. Their attitude on-screen allowed people to draw out negative conclusions. I keep reading comments praising them which is w.e but with all the drama going on it makes me think that their company got people to go online and post positive comments to make them look good, they're not fooling me though. Anyways, JJH FIGHTING!

princess Sep 06 2012 10:03 pm haha ! poor drama. after removing eunjung this drama also have the lowest rating. serve ur right sbs. fighting eunjung.

Lala Sep 06 2012 8:56 am Haha this drama still receives LOW rating even when they kicked out eunjung. Bad move sbs hahaha

loveJJH Sep 05 2012 6:43 am JJH love you so much. you're awesome no matter what they say. words can't bring you down my prince. And everywhere you go the sun won't always shine But tomorrow will find a way All the other times. keep FIGHTING my prince. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

Jen Sep 05 2012 1:24 am Why are people saying that Eunjung's fans are going to ruin it for JJH? JJH had committed a mistake himself and it is definitely not T-Ara's fault he couldn't perform for 2 years. I know fans are dying to see him and no one is stopping/ruining it for you. EJ's fans are just speaking about the injustice of it all. But if the drama were good and his performance stunning, people qould naturally tune in. So if the drama does not do well, it will be the actors/production teams' inadequacy. Because people can only harp so long and can have nothing to say if it really is a great drama. So there! Fans of JJH can enjoy his comeback and fans of EJ can continue their boycott. Because the ratings of the show is determined by the quality of the show. And if people want to say EJ has ruined his comeback, that should be because she was dropped by SBS who caused uneccessary drama. That and her not being their might hurt the ratings as Jin Sae Yeon's inexperience might prevent her from delivering a strong performance needed to match up with the rest of the cast..

Peaches Sep 04 2012 9:46 pm Ugh! People should shut the hell up about Eunjung already. It's not like she's the only actress out there. I know that SBS is considered to be the bad guy but they have to make a profit. They have mouths to feed and they can't throw it all away just for an average actress, who's in the middle of a heated scandal. I'm sure that if Eunjung was going to play a minor role they would've kept her but she was supposed to be one of the leads, how could they possibly minimize her role? Better to let her go because that's what the viewers wanted. It saddens me that this is happening because this drama is very important to Ji Joo Hoon and some narrow-minded people are refusing to watch it just cuz' of her. Don't whine about what can't be undone if you love Eunjung so much then don't watch and move on with your life. The rest of the cast doesn't deserve to get bashed just cuz' of that girl. I like Eunjung but she brought this upon herself and now she's ruining everybody else's life.

Selia Sep 04 2012 1:05 pm the rating is going down!:) get it, its the result of breaking a pure girl's heart! I really liked this drama, I love Joo ji hoon so much but after kicking Eunjung I lost my interest in it. they kicked Eunjung because of the damn rating & now the rating is getting low & low

morethan Sep 02 2012 11:08 am storyline is awesome,melodram about piano? amazing! also i have high hopes for ost, its about piano, must be wonderfull. i also prefer Eunjung, i like her very much and she would be just perfect for character. i personally dislike JSY, really really dislike, she just keeps looking worried all the time. BUT story is welldone, there are many dramatic scenes, both male leads are great, child versions were superb, also mom character is a awesome one. so i just imagine Eunjung being JSY

even i dont like JSY, she doesnt ruin it afterall, and company did a lame thing by firing EJ, but this drama didnt anything, it deserves better.

Cheonie Sep 02 2012 1:56 am My parents tuned in to this drama every week because they are huge fans of Jun Mi Sun. I didn't think too much of it. Until I walked passed & caught one of the dramatic scene. I didn't know what was going on but, I starting tearing up because of the scene. I sat down & could not stop watching. It's better than I expected. I was googling for previous episodes to catch up to my parent's episode and found this site. Thought I should write my two cents. Please, don't let the negative comments stop you from watching. It's really good.

Kwan Sep 02 2012 1:40 am Wow! Just finishing watching today's episode. The storyline is super. Acting is top notched. Joo Ji Hoon welcome back.

Yue Sep 02 2012 12:34 am The ridiculousness of T-Ara's fans is getting a whole load more annoying. It's like Eunjung is the only damn cast there was in the drama to begin with when there are like three others that happens to be great actors.

I just saw the new episodes and I gotta say, even after three years of hiatus, Joo Ji Hoon managed to dominate the screen every time he's in a scene. Then again, I would have been disappointed if he was any less than amazing. Well, I did wait for three years without wavering from hoping that he would return. This amazing acting truly reminds me when he was in "Mawang", damn, that drama was good that it left me begging for more by the end of it.

Ji Chang Wook is an amazing actor that even with Joo Ji Hoon's fiery charisma, you can't help but praise Ji Chang Wook for being able to be in the same scene and not frizzle out because Joo Ji Hoon is just amazing. I like Ji Chang Wook playing the lead, but, I think I'm liking it even more that he's playing the second lead. Surely, there are a lot more emotions and he managed to showcase his amazing ability even more than his previous roles (I kept watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo).

Chae Shi Ra is just. Wow. Bonus point for making me really hate you. I usually sympathize with tragic characters and definitely even more if they happen to be mothers. But, really, she is oh-so-good at playing the witch that I just really hate the character.

Jin Se Yeon. Well, it's a bit too soon. I don't particularly liked her in Bridal Mask, but, I don't hate her either. She have this exaggerated facial expression that made me go all ". ", but, I can't hate her because I can sense her sincerity with the role. I shall give her the benefit of the doubt because we have like 25 more episodes. And boy, she better not take another drama after this one because she could possibly die from exhaustion from back-to-back drama shooting. Seriously. I really hope she could just get some rest and maybe working with veteran (I consider Joo Ji Hoon as one as well) actors this time around, her acting skills will improve a lot more.

With that said, I am continuing with this series. I don't like or dislike Eunjung and I do like some of T-Ara's song. But, I am not ignorant enough to not be able to see how the world works. The broadcasting companies are doing their best because they need to respond to the public. T-Ara's fans should realize that their reputation is currently in the gutter. They need to take a breather and not make things worse by flaming shows/companies that dropped their beloved. This is the real world, it's ugly and is basically as dirty as it can get. My friend had famously said it before. Welcome to the real world asshole!

Rae Sep 01 2012 11:30 pm viva five fingers. fighting. awesome storyline. i don't care bout the cast, coz not really famous in here. so i just focus to the story. hope going better 4 next eps.

marina Sep 01 2012 7:04 pm the reason I wanted to see this drama is gone, Eunjung was not to blame the scandal, attacked their rights, NO EUNJUNG= NO FIVE FINGERS = NO SBS

nicole Sep 01 2012 4:07 pm BECAUSE OF EUN JUNG. i was gonna watch the show. now i am thinking twice. LOVE eun jung in any show <3

white Aug 31 2012 1:59 am I think five fingers producer don't have confidence for their drama. That is why drop out Eun jung. If the drama is actually good, people don't care who are include.

Right Aug 31 2012 1:44 am Why Eun jung drop out? Korean drama industries are not profession. If she did wrong thing, need to give one more chance for her to repair her mind. So bad. I am not Eun jung fan. But I think not fair for Eun Jung.

Nina Aug 30 2012 2:43 pm i first watched this cuz of eunjung (didnt know about the problems going on with t-ara at that time) and it may b disappointing that she wont b in the drama anymore, but im still going 2 watch this drama cuz its interesting. i wish ppl wouldnt hate this drama cuz eunjung is gone, im sad too, but that doesnt mean i want this drama to b ruined. This is just my opinion

ame Aug 29 2012 4:38 am joo ji hoon fighting. love you. may be korean people needs to realize that their idols not God, they just ordinary people. so accepted when they did wrong. not surprised that some idols of korea better to kill theirself cous the pressure of their own fans. so phatetic.

FeKimi Aug 28 2012 7:03 pm I am glad the drama have good rating despite all hatred from T-ara fans. It's actually good that Eunjeung out from this drama since the issue is bullying. If they keep her, there might be some people that thinking, "Hey, bullying is fine. See T-ara, they bullies their own friend and still famous". I know it may be kind of shallow, but it happens, especially T-ara is an idol group which kids like. So, stop bashing this drama Eunjeung fans. Just accept reality and get a life.

Desca Aug 28 2012 10:52 am STOP talking about Eunjung and that controversy in any Five Fingers forums. Please move on girls! Eunjung is not in this drama anymore, accept it! don't get me wrong, i do feel sorry for her but, I feel more sorry for all cast in this drama who have been working so hard for this drama especially for Joo Ji Hoon..which this drama is very important for him! You said won't watch this drama because Eunjung is in this drama and now You said won't watch this drama because Eunjung is out from this drama. Seriously girls, she is not the main character in this drama, just one of the main characters and also she had not filmed for her role yet for this drama. Agree or disagree, Eunjung and T-ara controversy have been bothering the process of this drama. sorry to say this but, if only Eunjung had never included in this drama since the start, this drama might getting the good responses from many people.

Joo Ji-Hoon, Ji Chang-Wook, Chae Si-Ra and all the cast in this drama deserve to get the best result of their effort toward this drama. Fighting Five Fingers!

sheira Aug 28 2012 5:55 am five fingers should stick with the first plan. droping out eunjung is just a coward action. many dramas that make a big promotion is break down with low ratings. respect the situation. poor eunjung

MOE Aug 28 2012 12:01 am guys plz stop talking bout eunjung. just focus to the storyline. let's watch the next eps with calm n peace. FF fighting.

SimonH Aug 27 2012 11:19 pm It was purely unprofessional on the production team's side, no matter what the circumstances is. They had the intention to remove her all along, but they wanted to keep her until the last minute for the promotional effect Eunjung has for the drama. Even from a business point of view, it is wrong and unethical.

vietboy Aug 27 2012 10:33 pm people should stop complaining about eunjung not being in this drama, what she did eas wrong. if the station kept her, it wpould seem as if the station is promoting bullying with what recently occured.

melly Aug 27 2012 12:01 pm no eunjung no five fingers. I support eunjung. five fingers is nothing without her

prince Aug 26 2012 6:23 pm the rating is getting higher . yahoo! its not about who acting. its about the story line..

nonaz Aug 26 2012 2:56 pm if ham eunjung will not act on this drama i swear that i will never never see this drama . i was excited for this drama because of her.

Sacy Aug 26 2012 1:20 pm Guys..Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook and Jin Se Yeon will appear in episode 5 (sept. 1st). Let's watch it! I Love You Joo Ji Hoon oppa! Do your best in Five Fingers..Fighting! ^.^

roda Aug 26 2012 9:26 am wooooowwwww. such awesome storyline. i like the music on FF, so cozy. i don't really care bout the cast as long FF has great storyline and musics. so 4 netizen stop talking bout the cast just enjoy the drama. if you all won't to watch it, just turn off ur tv or change the channel. no need to expose ur dislike via online. don't do such childish.

bedroELF Aug 26 2012 8:16 am OMG. sae yeon is there gonna watch it for sure. loved her in Bridal Mask hope she do a good job in Five fingers ^^ and am also curious about joo ji hoon seems like every one loves hem and waits for come back. ^^ sae yeon fighitng

leanne Aug 26 2012 7:48 am can they get a well known actress, I don't think either of them is strong enough, those young actor do an amazing job,it's seems like an interesting story, hope Jo ji hoon comeback successfully and get an award from this, We missed you Jo ji hoon!

moe Aug 26 2012 7:16 am welcome back my prince. forget bout eunjung things, b urself n keep fighting. keep believing on ur fans, we will absolutely make ur drama #1

viva five fingers. viva joo ji hoon.

Mari Aug 26 2012 1:45 am Eunjung fighting. Eunjung needs a drama role that she isn't the bad person. For once make her the good girl. Ok bout the story of Tara, but I still support eunjung. Eunjung fighting, I'm not watching this drama anymore, she won't come back, not gonna watch, BOOOO!

Dont care other cast

Finally Joo Ji Hoon is back! Here supporting Joo Ji Hoon. Great storyline & cast. Can't wait for the kids to grow up and the story revolving.

Snail Aug 25 2012 11:25 am It s totally unfair with eun jung. Wish sbs will get worse rating. I dont see movie from sbs anymore. Sbs so cruel and dont have moral. Lastly we always support eun jung. Fighting Eun jung

Ki Aug 25 2012 2:43 am I am a Korean living here in Korea and this is my take on what happened on Five Fingers.

I don't think the staff wanted to kick out Ham Eung-Jung and that is why they waited until the last moment. But they also kept their eyes & ears open to public perception in Korea and how it could affect the drama series. A lot of Korean netizens are still mad over the alleged T-ara bullying scandal and they have been very loud and clear about it. The producers for Five Fingers have noticed the low ratings of the other two dramas involving the T-ara girls. Whether the appearance of the T-ara girls are the cause for the low ratings nobody can be certain, but for the staff of Five Fingers why risk it? In addition, Korean netizens even went to the advertisers of Five Fingers and asked them to drop sponsorship of the show if Ham Eun-Jung is still involved in the series.

Also, whether the scandal is true or not, Ham Eun-Jung's reputation and public perception has taken a major hit. Her character in Five Fingers is written as a pure / nice girl role. If Ham Eun-Jung played the character now, it would be something like (trying to think of an example) Tanya Harding or Lindsey Lohan cast as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz". Yes that is an exaggeration and I'm not saying Ham Eun-Jung is anything close to those persons (I really liked her performance in the movie "White"). But at this moment, having her portray that type of character would be distracting (even unbelievable) for a lot people in Korea.

In addition, I don't think Jin Se-Yeon taking on Ham Eun-Jung's role is anything, but a normal thing to do as an actress. They take on roles. Especialy if it's a high profile one on televsion. Any flak directed towards her seems really misguided to me.

Lastly, the kid actors in ep.1 and ep.2 of Five Fingers have been doing a great job. Here's hoping that the adult actors continue the great work.

EunjungLove Aug 24 2012 9:41 am So unfair for Eunjung. SBS so greedy.Money and money in their mind. Eunjung is a good actress and she get a good role for this drama. okay,let see are the rating will rise or drop without Eunjung..I think after this,Eunjung will not participate in any drama from SBS anymore. ANTI SBS.

Yue Aug 24 2012 7:51 am For the love of GOD! This is Joo Ji Hoo's comeback drama. Stop being such a child and be all "but Eunjung shouldn't be dropped" yap and yap and yap. It happened. Unless you can buy SBS shares within the next 24 hours, she's not coming back. Might as well make peace with her. I acknowledge that Eunjung is a good actress, but, it's getting on my nerves when the drama suddenly become ALL about Eunjung when this is SUPPOSE to be Joo Ji Hoo's comeback drama. And by the way, there's Ji Chang Wook in there as well, let's not forget him, because you know, he was cast as well.

Eun-ji Aug 24 2012 6:05 am Guys let's look at the good side of Eun-jung's leaving,I think people will feel sad toward her & love her again! But hey SBS UR SOOOOOOOOOO CRUEL.

Cry Cry Aug 23 2012 5:02 pm Sorry. no Eun Jung, no me. Love the leading actors but I'm watching for the leading lady. She was so right for the part and ready. Five Fingers just killed everyone in the drama. Imagine 30 episode without Eun Jung. He. he. he.

Kay Aug 23 2012 4:11 pm I wasn't going to watch this drama but I'm going to start now that Eunjung is out. She did bring publicity to the drama. Negativity publicity.

Junha Aug 23 2012 4:01 pm I'm a fan of T-ara but, I think this decision is best for everyone involved. Just because of Eunjung's departure I hope fans don't punish the rest of the cast & staff. Hope this drama is a success. There are so many people livelihoods depending on it. Good luck to Eunjung.

von nachraugh Aug 23 2012 4:46 am Sorry, but what the production team did to Eunjung, after USING her publicity in the press conference and poster shoots, acknowledging that she brought in high ratings because of her publicity, letting her practice her piano and her script and assuring, encouraging her that she's staying. then suddenly on her way to filming she got replaced. because behind her back they met another actress to replace her. ugh! THIS IS SO UNFAIR, ARBITRARY, BELOW THE BELT, IMPROPER, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL. I hate how they treated their actors like this. What is a contract for? Even if this is not Eunjung, what I hate is the manner how they did it. Giving her false hopes and then stabbing her in the back like that. NOBODY DESERVES THAT KIND OF TREATMENT, NOT EVEN A CRIMINAL! What you did is just so inhumane, so heartless. You could have replaced her way way back before the press conference and told her directly, but no, you chose an underhanded, arbitrary, selfish, and inconsiderate method. then claim she voluntarily quit on her own? Wow. Five Fingers production team, so low. You may have a good drama, and good actors, good sponsors and money, but certainly, you don't have hearts.

Hanika Aug 23 2012 4:17 am omg :(((( its so sad an unfair! I was looking forward to this drama because of EunJung but now lost my excitement and will :((( whyyyy.

Jd Aug 23 2012 4:08 am sad for eunjung, but can the director do something about ji hoons' hair. it's really turning me off. hope is not that style when the kids grow up in the drama.

804 Aug 23 2012 4:04 am Because of EunJung people are forgetting JooJiHoon here. His comeback drama is met with so much drama. This is his step back to the top but, is being pulled down by scandals. I don't think EunJung would feel comfortable if the drama fail because of her. This is a good decision for both side. I will watch this drama to support the rest of the cast.

Haedo Aug 23 2012 3:58 am I support the replacement of Eunjung. The T-ara 's has already overshadowed this great drama & it's cast. It's too much of a risk to put everyone's else fate in jeopardy over 1 person. This is the entertainment world, there will always be in & out.

eunjung.godblessyou Aug 23 2012 3:08 am I hope the drama flops, so that they know that they're doing wrong by kicking out eunjung, in the most shameful manner

yana Aug 23 2012 12:21 am when i first saw thei poster i think it might be good because eunjung is in it but now i dont has any interest in watching it. you make me hate this drama a lot.THIS IS SO CRUEL

Nie1234 Aug 22 2012 9:39 pm Eunjung did not quit,she had been dismissed from the drama. (T_T) EUNJUNG FIGHTING . FIVE FINGERS FIGHTING !!

katie Aug 22 2012 6:12 pm Really disappointed with this drama, and really sorry for eunjung I hope she'll be more stronger than ever And i hope for her best (˘ʃƪ˘) One more, i don't want to watch this cruel drama! EVER.

Sarah Aug 22 2012 2:48 pm They lost my support for this drama! they acted so cruel toward Eunjung & they will pay for it! I'm sure. bye 5fingers. I won't watch this drama!

offigazet Aug 22 2012 1:16 pm I am no longer supporting this drama. I want Eunjung to be in it. Instead, while she was practicing her lines, the production team went behind her back and offered her role to another actress. How unethical and unprofessional. Giving someone false hopes and using her to gain publicity and now dropping her off like that. I hate how they handled this situation and played with Eunjung's feelings. Sorry, drama, I used to like you but in an effort to save your financial losses, you just created a huge mess showing how awful the korean show business really is. And I really thought it was nice of you to accept Joo Ji Hoon despite him being blacklisted in other networks due to the drug scandal. Betraying Eunjung like this just negates your supposedly good intentions.

goldlia Aug 22 2012 1:00 pm its sad that they have removed eunjung i guess they just lost me who was looking forward to watch this drama. bye 5fingers.

OLIVIA Aug 22 2012 12:52 am i won't watch this drama ever. they kicked eunjung (jiyeon bias) but i still love eunjung **** you sbs.

fun13 Aug 21 2012 11:54 pm This is so cruel if they kicked eunjung out from drama just because she has scandal which those aren't true, i don't wanna watch this drama ever.

tiass Aug 21 2012 11:12 pm I am exited with this drama because her appearance but now i am so hurt because she drop out :’(

Waet Aug 21 2012 10:27 pm I'm only going to tune in to this for Joo Ji Hoon. I'm glad he is back. Hope the T-ara scandal/backashes won't pulled him down. I'm not feeling his hairstyle either. Hope they will change it. Anyhow, Hope it will be a success for him.

ashiee2012 Aug 20 2012 1:02 pm omfg. Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Chang Wook, AND Eunjung are all starring in the same drama. *nosebleed* i am too excited. can't wait to see this. i have been waiting for Ji Hoon to come back or the longest. and i also miss Eunjung. she's been MIA on dramas since Dream High. i can't wait to see this.

Min.Sung Aug 19 2012 1:50 pm Pllease don't make Ji Chang Wook play the "bad" guy. well i'll just have to wait and see T-T

Min.Sung Aug 19 2012 1:43 pm OMG I hope JI CHANG WOOK and EUN JUNG will be a couple in this drama.

Mai Aug 19 2012 11:18 am I like Joo Ji-Hoon back from goong, he is a really good actor. not sure in Eun-Jung fits this genre of dramas. I don't hate her because of the T-ara thing, I just think she is more suitable for "romantic-comedy" kinda of dramas. anyway good luck

amici Aug 18 2012 12:19 pm I love this show! I love music and piano! I just watched the 1st episode and I am happy. Fighting!

Anna Polski Aug 13 2012 3:37 pm I'm really excited for this drama. But I must say that whoever styled Ji Hoon's hair like that needs to be shot, because it's very unflattering when he has such an attractive face.

RE08 Aug 12 2012 11:12 am Dear AsianWiki, you put the wrong number for the episode of this drama. The episode for this drama is not 50 anymore, but 30 episodes. SBS has stated officially that Five Fingers only has 30 episodes not 50, medias gave the wrong information about 50 episodes.

shila Aug 05 2012 1:42 am all my support is for u eunjung fighting i know u will do ur best and u can show them u are best of best

nada Aug 04 2012 2:52 pm im ganna watch this drama for JI CHANG WOOK <3 finally he's given a REAL chance to show his ability watch and see ppl what his ganna do all love and support for u oppa <3

Sarah Aug 03 2012 3:02 pm yeah, I agree with you Dia! I love her & I believe in her. I can't wait to see Jo Jihoon & Eunjung in this drama. )

Dia Aug 03 2012 2:53 pm I can't understand people with judging soon without confirmed evidences! She has my support & I will definitely watch this drama. Eunjung Fighting<3

youandme again Aug 02 2012 10:24 am i guess it's a package deal for KEYEAST. although i don't think eunjung's acting is up to par, esp. with JJH, we'll take what we can get as long as JJH can have another acting project. JJH FIGHTING.

why you peoples always judge your idols if they makes a mistakes. no body picture perfect. if you love their bright side you should try love the dark side. that's called true fans. i will always love joo ji hoon no matter happens.

Lexy Cheng Jul 31 2012 6:51 pm Eunjung and Jihoon together. Will definitely watch this. Love all the cast.

tias indonesia Jul 31 2012 12:52 am I am very very support eunjung and i am very excited with five fingers because her. i wanna to say that korean fans so very crazy. use your brain and heart not your emotion. hwayoung, i think she is good act. make all people support her and judge that t-ara’s bullied her, she is so pathetic. i support t-ara

vic Jul 30 2012 9:54 pm Eunjung hasn't capacity to participate in this film if the scandal with Hwayoung hasn't been clarified. I won't see this film

keira Jul 30 2012 9:24 am I'm so curious of this drama, bcos it has long episodes. I wish it can be success like king of baker kim tak goo. I also afraid that t-ara's insident make big issues to eunjung's part. Many netizen want her to be kick out from this drama bcos of her bad behaviour to her friend's member hwayoung. I hope people can get smarts to make a difference between a drama with the real drama in her life. Support for eunjung ! Show us your best skills