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Hans Georg Hiller Von Gaertringen - Eine Geschichte der Berliner Museen in 227 Häusern read DJV, DOC

English, German

This first complete overview of the history of Berlin's museums documents more than 200 of its most important houses--from the Altes Museum to the Zeughaus, from archeological and art historical collections to the museums of natural history and technology, from the courtly cabinet of curiosities of the 16th century to the Computer Games Museum. Hans Georg and Katrin Hiller von Gaertringen, both authorities in the field of museology, focus on the origins, history, collection policy, and architecture of these institutions. This book is arranged chronologically in the order of the opening of the houses, which helps readers draw connections they may not have been aware of and discover museums that have fallen into obscurity. This book also pays tribute to important architects and their museum buildings--from Schinkel to Mies van der Rohe and Libeskind. The highly readable presentation of houses provides a thoroughly researched history of Berlin's vibrant museum landscape. Text: German

Eine Geschichte der Berliner Museen in 227 Häusern by Hans Georg Hiller Von Gaertringen read online FB2, EPUB