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Herbal shampoo review

Product Review: Atomy Herbal Shampoo

One of the first things I noticed about the Atomy Herbal Shampoo is the smell of the product. Because the shampoo is a herbal one that is made using oriental medicine, the smell of the herbs are very strong. I think some people might not be used to the smell. For me, I started liking the smell the more I used it. The smell kind of grew on me and now I find it nice smelling. In fact, I always take a huge whiff when using the shampoo cause I just love it so much now. 🙂

Unlike most other commercial shampoos out there, the Atomy Herbal Shampoo’s colour is natural. It is slightly brown-ish mainly because of the natural plant-based herb extracts that is used.

When you first pump the shampoo out onto your hands, you will notice that not a lot of amount comes out with each pump. That is normal and it is designed that way. The shampoo is really foamy so just maybe about 3 or 4 pumps will be enough.

After using the shampoo for about 2 weeks or so, I started to notice the oil smell on my hair getting lesser and lesser. Usually after a long day out in the sun, the oil smell of my hair is quite strong and I can feel the oil when I take a shower. However, using the Atomy Herbal Shampoo has made the smell less strong.

I can feel my hair being healthier now, the herbal extracts from the Atomy Herbal Shampoo are really working its magic on my scalp. My hair is less oily, has less smell, and feels softer than before.

– Product Reviewed by Eugene Lee

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The Atomy Herbal Shampoo costs just S$63 for a set of 4 (that’s S$15.75 each).

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