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Jarrow formulas review

Jarrow Formulas Reviews

Benefits and yearly bonuses, free lunch and holiday parties are great. But that is pretty much it.

Little room to grow professionally, advancements are little, worked at Jarrow for 3+ years, only had 1 raise and it was chump change to be honest, especially when you've worked so hard throughout the years..So I felt the company does not value good employees..Too many rules, HR has enforced a very strict and micromanagement type mentally. constantly making us feel we can't be trusted..First year working here, was a lot more free and relaxing. But however the years to follow, it changed a lot. Maybe because of management or HR..Some employees and managers can be unfriendly, fake and intimidating at times, but there are also a few nice people. There are always a few cliques, and sewing circles which I guess is always typical anywhere..But overall I was unhappy and dreaded working here after the second year..PTO rate was minimal, took away floating holidays. I wish I can give this company a better review, but I cant..

Advice to Management

Stop micromanaging everything from how we should dress, where we should eat, how and when we can chat with other fellow coworkers, how we should take our breaks, how and when we can use our PTO that WE EARNED. That's too much! We are adults, we are all professional people, and we shouldn't be treated as if we are in high school!

Lots of free products food & merch, paid holidays & medical benefits, christmas party & bonus. Some nice, smart coworkers.

Phone calls listened to, breaks timed, E-mails read, street parking & tickets, inappropriate jokes, frat house mentality, disrespectful to women, crazy gossip & rumors, tech support not helpful unless you complain. Gotta agree with some other reviews. The place is a trip sometimes. Some untouchable people who you don't wanna mess with. Don't get on the bad side of the evil wizard from blades of glory (looks just like him) as he rumbles in & out with his wingmen. A key employee left after having enough of dealing with the boys club & their condescending. Not a positive environment.

Advice to Management

You need to do more than give us free food & products to make us happy. Say good job once in awhile. Difficult to be motivated when you see & hear what others get away with. Its unfair that some people get treated like family members. Do community outreach stuff in the city.

Benefits were good. Paid holidays and vacation time. Good work & life balance. Yearly bonus. Free vitamins and monthly free lunches. Great products. Some growth potential if you know who to speak to AND how to speak with them i.e. by throwing others under the bus! To the cons!

The owner is very opinionated and well known in the industry. Look it up. Sometimes entertaining sometimes terrifying but the company is a success so he must be doing something right. A big problem was the hateful office politics machine. Some managers would cosy up to the owner for their own best interests and would lie through their teeth to get their message across. No morals. Talented people left because of this. Lots of chest pounding but no accountability when mistakes were made by the managers. Their underlings got the blame even when they were following instructions. The so called expert in the industry guy was as shady as they come. He would stab people in the back then drone on about how they didn't understand the details of the business while he conspired with others to make their work a living hell. His closest cohort (more senior) was unaware that the guy wanted his position. That will no doubt happen since the other guys actions were unbelievable and totally unprofessional. Lots of disconnect between depts that caused lots of infighting. Reading endless email threads and listening to coworkers talking trash about each other gave me headaches.

Advice to Management

You should stop playing favorites to those resume building employees who only want themselves to succeed and see through the smokescreen that some put up to cover their mistakes. Devote more resources to empower the staff to create new ideas and solutions to problems.

You can get away with doing minimal work here because the place is so unorganized.
If you need a foot into the nutraceutical industry, make this your very last resort.

Where to start? This "company" is filled with very negative and closed-minded individuals that will stay in one position for the rest of their lives. This "company" does not reflect the ever-so-changing world and is stuck in 1990.
They call themselves "Jarrow Family" and that reflects the fact that it's a dysfunctional group of people working there. No sane person would want to be a part of this family. Overall, all the employees are underpaid, besides the upper management, who unfortunately are not trained to do their jobs. This leads to the misdirection of employees and very unproductive ways to perform daily tasks. No growth--at all! There's just no where to go. Upper management is not going anywhere because they would not be able to get those roles at any other "company".
I've used quotations around company because this place does not seem like any professional setting I've ever been to. And if you work here, be prepared to listen to the company owner rant and scream about how he hates the current political administration. It will take up a lot of your time. It's an accepted tradition at this "company".

Advice to Management

Taking managerial courses and actually implementing the procedures at the "company" would be a major help. And if you could find ways to minimize the gossip that plagues the "company" that would be helpful to all employees and even to you.

Certain middle managers get away with bad behavior, intimidation and bullying here. to the point of humiliating low level employees by screaming and hurtling objects at them. These episodes go undisciplined by human resources and give the offending party a sense of impunity.

Also, certain departments have a rumor mongering, sewing circle mentality that is quite negative and disheartening to those who simply want to go about their work day quietly.

Advice to Management

Human resources needs to expand/ restructure to ensure unbiased and fair judgements on future employee grievances.

Great innovative products with strong clinical research background. The R&D team does a superb job here. The production and sales team are by far the most cohesive unit that I have worked for. They communicate well and attempt to see the big picture. The company in whole is flexible in making sure a realistic work life balance exists.

The culture for the response to change is slow. Often times this get muddled into department perspectives slows down project timelines. The company does not appear to promote within and promotions seem to occur far slower than what I have noticed in other companies. This is discouraging especially when you see colleagues working in the same role for 10 years and see a new manager that is being trained by the same colleagues. I am still not sure the business tactic in regards to the slow promotion. Like other companies, a lot of negative attitudes surround the company. If you can navigate around the negativity, this is a great place to work.

Advice to Management

Please address the negative comments and attitudes that litter the organization. There are a lot of bitter people working there and is quite distracting to a positive work environment.