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Promax protein bars review

Promax by Maximuscle (Maxinutrition) review

Promax by Maximuscle, now Maxinutrition, is one of the most visible sport supplement in the world. Promax’s popularity is not unjustified. As a matter of fact, it is one the best supplements to ease anyone into the world of optimising nutrition in order to get the results you deserve. Promax isn’t only for the hard-core athlete, but will help anyone take their training program to the next level.

After a successful rebranding, Maximuscle was transfigured into Maxinutrition – one of the world’s largest suppliers of supplements, supplying them to national sports teams and even sporting bodies! But is it overhyped?

Promax Protein shake information

Simply, no. Maxinutrition is as popular as it is due to a stringently controlled production process. Maximuscle, now Maxinutrition, is synonymous for only using tried and tested ingredients, negating controversial substances that could hinder your health, as well as your results. Maxinutrition’s blend of whey isolates, hydrolosates and whey peptides, is one of the most trusted blends on the planet.

Thanks to the whey protein isolates, which make up part of Promax’s recipe, the overall level of fat in the powder is dramatically reduced and protein levels increased – as it has not had to be filtered like some other types of protein. The presence of whey peptides ensures that the consumer’s body will be supplied with an adequate level of protein over an elongated period of time, perfect for those long or cardio sessions, whilst keeping your nitrogen balance positive to encourage muscle growth.

But don’t worry if you want your protein to be absorbed quickly, Promax contains hydrolosates, which do just that. This master mix makes Promax ideal for pre and post workout snacks and as the Promax blend comes in a variety of forms and flavours, it is clear why it is copiously consumed the world-over.

In terms of Promax’s flavour, it should be considered a treat, as opposed a a dietary supplement. The range of flavours is extensive and are downright delicious. The Promax bars are so nice, that it almost feels wrong to be eating them, but thank goodness it isn’t! If you, like me, are sometimes on the cusp of indulging in food that is less than optimal for your overall performance, like chocolate, Promax bars will alleviate that craving. Not only will this halt the consumption of unhealthy food, which will create a blockade from one’s goals, but it may even courage some to push themselves harder during their session if the promise of a little, performance enhancing, treat is offered at the end of a hard couple of hours.

Promax mixes like a dream and leaves no unwanted lumps, as well as not frothing very much. The only problem in regard to taste and mixabilty, isn’t that Promax is unpalatable, but in fact it tastes so good, it can be hard to remind oneself to not overindulge.

Due to Promax’s unique blend, constructed of the best ingredients available, its versatility and provision of good results, despite being somewhat more expensive than some other supplements, it is well, well, worth an extra few pennies to get the body you deserve and Promax may well be the solution. If you are looking for even more protein from your shake, why not read our review of Cyclone by Maximuscle .

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