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R. S. Means Company Staff - RSMeans: How to Estimate with RSMeans Data : Basic Skills for Building Construction read online book TXT, MOBI


A practical, hands-on guide to real-world construction estimating How to Estimate with RSMeans Data is the only instructional book on construction cost estimating that uses the most popular source of construction cost data, RS Means. This updated fifth edition includes new coverage on the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the estimating process, and over 300 sample problems and exercises that show you how to apply cost data to your building project based on the RS Means 2015 Building Construction Cost Data . The companion website provides access to RS Means CostWorks data, allowing you to use real-world numbers in your practice estimates, and the included Instructors Manual provides step-by-step solutions to problems in the book. Focused on the practical aspects of estimating, this book emphasizes the application of estimating techniques which are transferable to any estimating software through problem solving and the ground-up creation of complete construction project estimates. Estimating skills are fundamental to the construction industry, and are applied by all parties at all levels throughout the industry. This book is a hands-on guide to the techniques and tools used to create a thorough estimate, with plenty of opportunities for practice. Apply cost data to all aspects of the building project Practice your skills on over 300 sample problems Construct a complete estimate using RSMeans Besides being an essential construction skill, learning estimating helps you become familiar with reading and understanding construction blueprints and how construction assemblies are built. Mastery of these vital skills is important to your future career, and How to Estimate with RSMeans Data is your ideal guide to a solid foundation., Learn construction cost estimating using North America's most recognized construction cost data from RSMeans. This step-by·step guide develops problem-solving skills through over 300 sample problems and exercises -- many with solutions -- that show how to apply cost data to a building project. All of the major construction items, including site work, concrete and masonry, wood and metal framing, doors and windows, finish work, roofing, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing are covered, organized according to the CSI MasterFormat system. Access to a password-protected web site is included, which contains the instructional version ofthe electronic version of RS Means Building Construction Cost Data, and sample building plans and spreadsheets, enabling you to practice your skills in creating a complete construction estimate. The Fifth Edition is based on Means 2014 Building Construction Cost Data, and features a new chapter introducing Building Information Modeling in the estimating process.

R. S. Means Company Staff - RSMeans: How to Estimate with RSMeans Data : Basic Skills for Building Construction download TXT, FB2

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