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Type Object is an intriguing collection of letters, but not as we know them; this collection takes letters into the third dimension using three dimensional design to re-define and re-interpret the meaning of letters that create words. These are interactive letters that crave your attention and challenge your perception, letters not just as a tool but as characters in their own right; letters that are tactile, bold, letters to hold, to think about, letters that want to come out and play Words are the vehicle here for the letters that visually convey their meaning; for example a garden of letters growing out of the soil, entwined with ivy used to spell the word, 'earth' or a beautifully constructed ball of letters surrounded by butterflies and the word is naphthalene, the main ingredient of mothballs. Thought-provoking and exciting, letters to inspire discussion and create an emotional response; no longer the passive characters on the keyboard but personalities in their own right., Type Object presents a collection of contemporary artefacts that exhibit features made possible by the extension of the letterform into the third dimension. The typographic object is capable of more than just linguistic signification. It has tangible properties that cannot be replicated in the visual environments of the page or screen; it has weight, volume and surface properties; it may be manhandled or navigated around. Typographic objects are more than just three-dimensional type. They explore the connections between type and other objects through interaction and duality, extending our understanding of the letterform, its appearance, and its function.

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