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Read online ebook Post-Tensioned Buildings : Design and Construction (2014, Hardcover) in MOBI, DJV, EPUB


For practicing engineers, students, contractors, building officials, plan checkers, and researchers. Drawing upon thirty-two years of world wide experience, topics in post-tensioning are covered in-depth and taken to the point of practical application. ? Covers US and European Codes for Post-Tensioning Design ? Unbonded and Bonded (Grouted) Systems ? Construction Technology and Design Procedures ? Post-Tensioned Floor Design ? Step-by-Step calculation ? Post-Tensioned Beam Design ? Step-by-Step Calculation ? Software and Design Tools; Design Flow Charts and Examples ? Stress Losses; Deflections; Cracking and Crack Width ? Application of Finite Elements to Design ? Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Post-Tensioning The book assumes a basic knowledge of conventionally reinforced concrete design. Founded on this knowledge, the material presented covers the full range of post-tensioning principles, including the know-how necessary for expedient and efficient designs. The focus of the book is on the science of engineering, while covering in detail the ?art? of post-tensioning practice. Emphasis is on the primary objectives of design for ?serviceability? and ?safety,? and how to achieve them, while describing the diversity in local or traditional practice. The material is organized to benefit a wide audience of designers, as well as plan checkers and reviewers, in particular to facilitate the process of project approval. The book comes in two versions: a US Edition, and an International Edition. The US Edition uses the US system of units (lb, in) that is common in US construction, along with the equivalent values in SI units (N, mm). It covers both ACI/IBC and EC2, which in addition to being mandatory in a large number of European countries is being used more and more as a basis for other building codes. The International Edition of the book covers the same topics according to both ACI/IBC and EC2, in the SI (N, mm) system of units. In addition, where applicable, it includes the recommendations of TR43, a publication of the UK Concrete Society that provides recommendations for design and construction of post-tensioned buildings

Post-Tensioned Buildings : Design and Construction (2014, Hardcover) by read online ebook EPUB, FB2

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