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American Rhapsody

If the Watergate scandal was a previous generation's National Nightmare, then maybe the Clinton scandal was our National Wet Dream, and who better to narrate it than the screenwriter Joe Eszterhas? In American Rhapsody. Eszterhas, whose creditsMore If the Watergate scandal was a previous generation's National Nightmare, then maybe the Clinton scandal was our National Wet Dream, and who better to narrate it than the screenwriter Joe Eszterhas? In American Rhapsody. Eszterhas, whose credits include Basic Instinct and Showgirls, and Charlie Simpson's Apocalypse, for which he was nominated for a National Book Award, takes us through the events that threatened to topple a president and left most of the nation's citizens with, at the very least, a bad taste in their mouths.
Taking full advantage of his considerable journalistic and storytelling talents, Eszterhas gives us every fact, rumor, or innuendo surrounding the president's foibles in the context of late century American politics and entertainment. Here Washington and Hollywood do more than just flirt with each other; they share the same bed. From scandalmongers Matt Drudge (who began as a Hollywood gossip) and Ken Starr, to would-be president paramours Sharon Stone and Barbra Streisand, to his final, unimpeachable witness, Willard—none other than President Clinton's talking penis—Eszterhas gives us the goods on the story that nobody could stop talking about and, thanks to American Rhapsody, will be impossible to think about the same way again. Less

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Community Reviews

Stephen rated it really liked it

about 1 year ago

I am giving this a 4 star review because it's funny and it's fair, because no one walks away unscathed. and properly so.

This happens to be a great time to read this book, right before the 2016 elections, a good time to review who Nixon or Bob Dole or the Clinton's were. Read full review

Larry Retzack rated it really liked it

over 9 years ago

Recommends it for: any Hunter Thompson fan.

Anyone who's a Hunter Thompson fan of gonzo journalism will love this book. I'd never heard of it but came across it while reshelving books in my high school library and it quickly pushed Lies My Teachers Told Me (a scathing indictment of the teaching of US history in Ame. Read full review

Robert P. Hoffman rated it it was amazing

I reread this book over the summer of 2016 and it is even better than I remember it from the first reading. It was also depressing to read it as Hillary Clinton was being nominated and seeking to become the first woman President. The Clintons were corrupt, morally bankrup. Read full review

Scott rated it really liked it

about 5 years ago

This book is Joe Eszterhas' crazy-quilt of all things Clinton and Lewinsky, plus other political musings mixed with Hollywood stories and 20th century American social study. It's a unique book, alright, nonlinear and jam-packed with well-researched facts and crude absurdi. Read full review

Wes rated it liked it

Damn do I wish I could select 3.5 stars. But I just can't give it 4. That being said, this book was pretty entertaining. Which is something I would expect coming from Joe Eszterhas. Say what you will about the his (in)famous material, the man does know how to write.

Bianca rated it it was ok

about 1 year ago

This book has got to be the biggest pile of trash I've read but it's actually kind of entertaining for a while. Then all the politics and trashiness and whole chapters written from the point of view of Bill's dick named Willard (for crying out loud) just gets too much, to. Read full review

Drew Spears rated it it was amazing

over 1 year ago

I simultaneously loved and abhorred this book. Essentially, Joe Eszterhas, writer of 'Showgirls' and 'Basic Instinct', details the Clinton/Lewinsky affair but since Joe Eszterhas is insane it is equal parts baby-boomer grandstanding, repetitively hailing Clinton's sexual. Read full review

John rated it it was ok

over 3 years ago

Believe it or not, this book created quite a buzz when it came out in 2000. Now, fourteen years later, with only 18 reviews, 164 ratings, and a site-wide rating of a paltry 3.19 (which is quite on the low end as things go on this site), it is obvious that this book made n. Read full review

Kealan O'ver rated it liked it

Sordid and seedy which climaxes (heh!) in a chapter told from the perspective of Bill Clintons penis. Thankfully this was the final chapter so I didn't feel to bad about stopping at that point when I realised who was narrating.
Gets an extra star for teaching me more than. Read full review

Vanessa rated it really liked it

over 7 years ago

Recommends it for: conservatives

Ok, not gonna get into a political broohahah here. And I realize most of this story, based on fact, was also ellaborated by the mind of the author, who is also a screenwriter ("Basic Insinct" and "Showgirls"). but the story of Bill and Monica, and Jennifer Flowers, and. Read full review

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