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European Trains Passes & Tickets

European Night Trains: Dream your way!

Sleepers are the ideal way to travel on night trains. You easily cover a thousand kilometers in one night. From a private single cabin, with a private toilet and shower including a dinner and breakfast to shared cabin with clean beds.

City Night Line

Comfort classes on City Night Line: With in the City Night Line trains you will experience what is to have a hotel on wheels. Sleeping well as you travel on will guarantee that you reach your destination rested and refreshed. You have three comfort categories: Regular or Deluxe sleeper compartments, the Couchette car when travelling in large groups and the Reclining seats, a seated car with compartments with 6 seats or roomy open-saloon cars with reclining seats. Please check all details below.

Single, Double or Three-Bed compartments :
These options offers room for up to three people travelling together in one compartment. Confort an hotel like services ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey, even when the waggon is fully booked. These include beds whose height can be adjusted, with improved access, non-slip floors, large, illuminated mirrors, handles and an extra folding seat (only in the Deluxe compartment) and even an individual wake-up call. If you would like even more space and comfort, you can convert two adjacent compartments into a suite for up to six passengers by means of a combining door (requestingt 6 tickets in a T3 option). You can combine two Economy compartments or one Economy and one Deluxe compartment. Please note that all passengers have to have a 1st class ticket if you book a combination of Deluxe and Economy. Deluxe options will have a private bathroom and toilet. Regular options will have shared bathrooms, washing basins and toilet facilities located in each car.

Seats will have outlet power points and specially designated areas provide interference-free mobile reception for mobile phones. Look out for the mobile phone symbols in the carriages.

Quiet zones are reserved for passengers who want to travel in peace. Experience the feeling of being personally attended to in 1st class. Our specially designated staff are there to welcome you with a smile and help you with any questions you may have regarding your trip.

The Couchette car
Couchette cars are ideal for bigger groups and families since it is price saving. Each compartment has room for up to 6 people. You can book individual berths or an entire compartment, keeping in mind that when you book, for example, 4 seats in a T6 cabin it is possible that the other 2 seats will be purchased by another travelers. When you book an individual berth, the compartment is shared with others travellers. There is no division by sex, but rest asured, City Night Line provides a safe enviroment for their travellers and those cabins are just like when you travel by plane and share the plane with everyone else.

2nd Class seated car - Travel overnight at low fare
The seated car is the cheapest comfort class on City Night Line. ItÐ’Ò‘s seat configuration resembles a plane, but more confortable.

Washing and toilet facilities are located in each car.