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b. To form in this manner: twist a length of rope from strands of hemp.

2. To wind or coil (vines or rope, for example) about something.

3. To interlock or interlace: twist flowers in one's hair.

4. To make (one's way) in a tortuous manner: twisted my way through the briar patch.

5. To cause to rotate or turn in another direction: twisted their heads around at the sound of the doorbell.

6. To impart a spiral or coiling shape to, as by turning the ends in opposite directions: twisting wire into a loop.

a. To turn or open by turning: twisted off the bottle cap.

b. To pull, break, or snap by turning: twist off a dead branch.

8. To wrench or sprain: twist one's wrist.

9. To alter the normal aspect of; contort: twist one's mouth into a wry smile.

10. To alter or distort the intended meaning of: The cross-examiner twisted the words of the witness. See Synonyms at distort .

11. To alter or distort the mental, moral, or emotional character of: The trauma twisted the child's outlook.

1. To be or become twisted.

2. To move or progress in a winding course; meander: The river twisted toward the sea.

3. To squirm; writhe: twist with pain.

4. To rotate or turn in another direction: The owl's head twisted around toward me.

5. To dance the twist.

1. Something twisted or formed by twisting, especially:

a. A length of yarn, cord, or thread, especially a strong silk thread used mainly to bind the edges of buttonholes.

b. Tobacco leaves processed into the form of a rope or roll.

c. A loaf of bread or other bakery product made from pieces of dough twisted together.

d. A sliver of citrus peel twisted over or dropped into a beverage for flavoring.

2. A spin, twirl, or rotation.

a. A complete rotation of the body around its vertical axis, as in diving and gymnastics.

b. A spinning motion given to a ball when thrown or struck in a specific way.

a. The state of being twisted into a spiral; torsional stress or strain.

b. The degree or angle of torsional stress.

a. A contortion or distortion of the body, especially the face.

b. A distortion of meaning: gave my words a misleading twist.

6. A sprain or wrench, as of an ankle.

7. A change in direction; a turn: a sharp twist in the path.

8. An unexpected change in a process or a departure from a pattern, often producing a distortion or perversion: a twist of fate; a story with a quirky twist.

9. A personal inclination or eccentricity; a penchant or flaw: an odd twist to his character.

10. A dance characterized by vigorous gyrations of the hips and arms.

To remove by twisting.

To abandon (someone) to a bad situation, often as a recipient of blame: "If our envoy was so blameless, why had she been left to twist in the wind?" (William Safire).

twist (someone's) armSlang

To pressure or coerce: If you twist my arm, I'll stay for a second beer.

[Middle English twisten. to squeeze, be divided. from twist. a divided object, fork, rope. from Old English -twist ; see dwo- in Indo-European roots .]

  • twist-grip - A bicycle grip that may be twisted to change the gears is a twist-grip.
  • pigtail - In the 17th century, it was tobacco twisted into a thin rope, which resembled the animal's tail.
  • torsibility - The tendency to untwist after being twisted; it is also the degree to which something can be twisted.
  • writhen - "Twisted or contorted out of shape."

Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend:

twisted - having an intended meaning altered or misrepresented; "many of the facts seemed twisted out of any semblance to reality"; "a perverted translation of the poem"

artful. disingenuous - not straightforward or candid; giving a false appearance of frankness; "an ambitious, disingenuous, philistine, and hypocritical operator, who. exemplified. the most disagreeable traits of his time"- David Cannadine; "a disingenuous excuse"

[ˈtwɪstɪd] adj (wire, rope ) → attorcigliato/a ; (ankle, wrist ) → slogato/a (fig ) (logic, mind ) → contorto/a

1. to turn round (and round). He twisted the knob; The road twisted through the mountains. draai يُدير، يَبْرُم вия enroscar(-se) kroutit (se) drehen. sich winden dreje; vride; sno στρίβω. στριφογυρίζω torcer ; dar vueltas ; serpentear keerutama پیچیدن kääntää tourner. enrouler. entortiller לְהִתפַּתֵל मुड़ना okrenuti, zaokretati csavar, teker; kanyarog memutar snúa(st); vinda(st); bugðast attorcigliarsi ; serpeggiare ひねる 돌리다 sukti(s), vingiuoti griezt; grozīt; vīties; līkumot memutar ronddraaien. kronkelen sno/bukte/slynge seg, vri przekręcić. wić się تاوول enroscar(-se) a (se) învârti; a şerpui крутить ; петлять krútiť (sa) obračati (se) saviti vrida, slingra (ringla) sig บิดเป็นเกลียว bükmek. kıvırmak 轉動,盤繞 крутити; витися موڑنا xoay, vặn 转动,盘绕

2. to wind around or together. He twisted the piece of string (together) to make a rope. draai, vleg يَفْتِل усуквам enrolar splétat wickeln sno στρίβω. πλέκω. συστρέφω trenzar, entrelazar; enrollar põimima پیچیدن؛ تابیدن kiertää tresser לִשזוֹר गूंथना plesti, uplesti (össze)csavar memilin flétta attorcigliare. intrecciare より合わせる 꼬다 susukti, (su)pinti savīt; apvīt memintal samenstrengelen tvinne. flette skręcić تاوول enrolar a ră­suci сплетать splietať plesti uvrnuti tvinna, fläta บิดเป็นเกลียว burmak 搓 скручувати; сплітати بٹنا، بل دينا xoắn, bện 搓

3. to force out of the correct shape or position. The heat of the fire twisted the metal; He twisted her arm painfully. verdraai يَلْوي изкривявам torcer kroutit verbiegen forvride στρεβλώνω. αλλάζω το σχήμα σε κτ. torcer. retorcer väänama از شکل انداختن؛ کج کردن vääntää tordre לְפָתֵל विकृत करना saviti, izvijati elferdít memilin snúa upp á; aflaga torcere. storcere. storcersi ねじる 뒤틀리게 하다 išlenkti, išsukti izgriezt; izliekt; izkropļot membengkokkan verbuigen forvrenge. fordreie wygiąć. wykręcić له شکل نه غورځول، کوږ کول torcer a îndoi, a răsuci искажать ; выворачивать vykrútiť zviti iskriviti vrida [om], förvrida ทำให้ผิดรูปร่าง burkmak. incitmek. çarpıtmak 扭曲,扭傷 спотворювати, перекручувати ٹيڑھا ميڑھا کرنا làm nhăn, làm méo 扭曲,扭伤

1. the act of twisting. draaiery لَوي، فَتْل، جَدْل، إلْتِواء извиване torção zkroucení die Drehung drejning; vridning; snoning στρίψιμο torsión ; giro, vuelta keerutamine چرخش؛ پیچش kierto torsion פיתול घुमाव okretanje, uvijanje csavarás, sodrás pilinan snúningur, vindingur torsione ; storta ひねり 비틀기 sukimas, pynimas, vyniojimas griešanās; grozīšana; vīšana; līkumošana pintalan het draaien forvrenging. fordreiing zwinięcie, skręcenie تاو، څرخ torção răsucire скручивание skrútenie, otočenie obračanje uvrtanje vridning, förvridning การบิด bükme 扭,搓 перекручення, викривлення, спотворення موڑنے کا عمل sự làm méo 扭,搓

2. a twisted piece of something. He added a twist of lemon to her drink. draaisel لَفَّةٌ من нещо извито rosca skrojek, svitek die Spirale skive στάλα rodajita kaunistuskeeruga viil(akas) قاچ rulla tortillon פיתול किसी चीज का मुड़ा हिस्सा nešto zavijeno kifacsarás perasan uppásnúin (sítrónu)sneið strizzatina ひねったもの (음료에 넣는) 작은 조각 ritinėlis, griežinėlis ripiņa; šķēlīte; piedeva perahan schilletje noe som er vridd/presset zwitek, plasterek نغښتنه rosca bucăţică кусочек ; долька plátok, krúžok ožemek smotuljak skvätt, stänk บางสิ่งที่ถูกบิด bükülmüş parça 扭轉而成之物 щось закручене; скрутень کسي چيز کا مڑا ہوا حصہ vật bị làm méo 扭转而成之物

3. a turn, coil etc. There's a twist in the rope. kronkel جَدْل، إلتِواء чиле nó smyčka die Windung snoning στροφή. κουλούρα torzal ; vuelta keerd تاب؛ پیچ mutka tortillon פיתול बल uvoj, zavoj csavarodás pilinan snúningur, vafningur piega ねじれ 꼬임 kilpa, mazgas, sulenkimas cilpa; mezgls; savijums pintalan kronkel vridning. snuing. vending splot تاو پیچ nó buclă; îndoitură петля ; узел slučka vozel čvor tilltrasslad knut (ögla) ม้วน büklüm. kıvrım 一圈(卷) скручування اينٹھن xoắn, cuộn, vặn 一圈(卷).

4. a change in direction (of a story etc ). The story had a strange twist at the end. draai, verrassing إنْحِراف، تَغيير обрат desvio zvrat die Wendung (overraskende) drejning τροπή giro pööre تغییر ناگهانی käänne coup de théâtre תפנית दिशा में परिवर्तन obrat, zaokret fordulat penyimpangan snögg umskipti, hvörf svolta 展開 방향 전환 posūkis, vingis pēkšņa pārmaiņa; pagrieziens corak nada wending vending ; poeng zwrot ناڅاپه تغیر یا بدلون desvio lovitură de teatru поворот zvrat preobrat obrt oväntad inriktning, förveckling เปลี่ยนเรื่อง değişiklik 轉折 поворот کہاني کا رخ، موڑ thay đổi hướng 转折

bent out of shape. a twisted branch; a twisted report. verdraai مَفْتول، مَجْدول извит torto zkroucený; zkreslený verdreht forvredet στρεβλός, διαστρεβλωμένος torcido ; deformado moondunud, moonutatud کج و معوج؛ تحریف شده vääntynyt tordu ; déformé מְפוּתַל व्यावर्तित, बलदार, वक्र uvijen meggörbült; elferdített berpilin aflagaður; kræklóttur storto ; confuso ねじれた 뒤틀린 susuktas, iškreiptas izliekts; sagrozīts; izkropļots bengkang-bengkok; tdk teratur gedraaid vridd. skjev pogięty, pokręcony کوږ وږ، انحراف کړی شوی torto răsucit; deformat искривлённый;витиеватый skrútený; skreslený zvit; popačen savijen förvriden, förvrängd, förvanskad ซึ่งผิดรูปร่าง bükülmüş. dolanmış 變形的(走了樣的) сплетений; перекручений; спотворений مڑي ہوئي، خميدہ méo mó 变形的(走了样的)

a dishonest or deceiving person. knoeier, verdraaier مُخادِع، غَشّاش подлец trapaceiro šejdíř der Gauner svindler απατεώνας estafador petis کسی که دیگران را می پیچاند kieroilija escroc בַּעַל נְטִייָה מְעוּוֵתֵת धोखेबाज, ठग varalica, spletkar megbízhatatlan ember orang curang bragðarefur, þrjótur imbroglione 不正直者 부정직한 사람 sukčius krāpnieks penipu bedrieger kjeltring. svindler kombinator څوک چی نور را تاووی trapaceiro escroc обманщик klamár, gauner spletkar prevarant bedragare, svindlare คนโกง dolandırıcı 奸詐的人 ошуканець, брехун بے ايمان، دھوکے باز người không trung thực 奸诈的人

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It is delicious, like the twisted little apples that grow in the or- chards of Winesburg.

As they neared them they saw that in falling the trees had lifted with their roots a large mass of earth and imbedded rocks that had clung to the twisted and gnarled fibers.

He wore a sombrero hat, with a wide leather band and a bright buckle, and the ends of his moustache were twisted up stiffly, like little horns.

Why," went on Edna, clasping her knees and looking up into Mademoiselle's twisted face, "do you suppose a woman knows why she loves?

The young soldier made a desperate but fruitless effort to spring to the side of Alice, when he saw the dark hand of a savage twisted in the rich tresses which were flowing in volumes over her shoulders, while a knife was passed around the head from which they fell, as if to denote the horrid manner in which it was about to be robbed of its beautiful ornament.

It was worth while to hear the croaking and hollow tones of the old lady, and the pleasant voice of Phoebe, mingling in one twisted thread of talk; and still better to contrast their figures,--so light and bloomy,--so decrepit and dusky,--with only the counter betwixt them, in one sense, but more than threescore years, in another.

In the absorbing contemplation of the scarlet letter, I had hitherto neglected to examine a small roll of dingy paper, around which it had been twisted .

It was most ingeniously secured at vacant hours, by a *withe twisted in the handle of the door, and stakes set against the window shutters; so that though a thief might get in with perfect ease, he would find some embarrassment in getting out, --an idea most probably borrowed by the architect, Yost Van Houten, from the mystery of an eelpot.

There was no hair on his head --none to speak of at least -- nothing but a small scalp-knot twisted up on his forehead.

There were five pink paper roses twisted in the veil, and eleven bright green rose leaves.

he slumped to the floor, twisted his silken limbs in one great straining contortion of pain, and was dead.

In the chancel was a twisted stone column, and the captain told us a legend about it, of course, for in the matter of legends he could not seem to restrain himself; but I do not repeat his tale because there was nothing plausible about it except that the Hero wrenched this column into its present screw-shape with his hands --just one single wrench.