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Le chasseur

This six part French drama follows hit-man Samuel Delaunay as he takes on the various assignments that his boss gives him… his boss is also his mother! He lives with his wife Lauren and her son who believe he is a lawyer… at least at first. As the story progresses it emerges that Lauren was originally a target who he couldn't bring himself to kill. All goes well until she is recognised by somebody working for Peszynsky, the man who paid to have her killed. Things now get difficult for Samuel; he is determined to protect his wife but he can't just kill Peszynsky as he kept evidence of the Delaunay's activities and to make matters worse his mother is keen to drive a wedge between Samuel and Lauren.

Given that the protagonist is clearly a bad person, we see that many of his victims are completely innocent, it is surprising how engaging this is. Yannick Soulier does a fine job making the character likable… it helps that many of those he has to deal with are more unpleasant; most notably Marie-France Pisier as his mother and Jean-François Stévenin as Peszynsky. There are plenty of tense moments throughout the series as well as a few surprises. Inevitably some viewers won't like the fact that they are being asked to sympathise with a cold blooded killer… although I suspect they will drop the series after the first episode when he kills an innocent woman and frames a man who he also kills in order to make the authorities believe they've arrested the wrong man in a serial killing case. There is at least a degree of redemption at the end. At only six episodes in length the series never drags but nor does it feel rushed. Overall I'd recommend this to anybody who wants a gripping drama and doesn't mind having a bad man as the protagonist.

These comments are based on watching the series in French with English subtitles.

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